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Yes, funeral arrangements for our beloved cat

Have made arrangements for Ziggy’s remains to be cremated and placed in an appropriate urn. Will have some of her ashes sealed in a locket, and some of her fur also sealed in another locket. Some of her ashes will … Continue reading

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Keito, two plus weeks post op

He’s definitely put some weight back on. He no longer has bony face/cheeks.  Also, his back doesn’t feel like a stegosaurus, meaning weight gain. Called South Street Vet to postpone Keito’s fructosamine test, as he was at the vet overnight … Continue reading

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Ziggy Update (and other sundries)

Ziggy seems to be holding her own.  Instead of feeding her twice a day, been giving her small meals throughout the day.  Still pinning hopes on the CBD oil arriving soon enough to be of use to her. I gave … Continue reading

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Ziggy is back home from the vet, and the news isn’t good.

She has lung cancer, more than likely already seeded from when she had mammary cancer. There is a silver lining to it because of the type it is. She isn’t in any pain or distress, still eating and “Catting”. She … Continue reading

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No stiff upper lip here.

Our girl Ziggy is at the vet, where she will get xrays first thing in the morning.  The vet is concerned that the cancer she had last year, has metastasized.  It was something we were told could happen.  Regardless of … Continue reading

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Ziggy is training me well

Two paws on my shoulder, and a YOWL means “I need to use outdoor sandbox!”  Head snog/head boop on my shoulder means “Treats, please?”  Head snog/head boop on arm and should, combined with meow means “Hungry!” Meow from the cushion … Continue reading

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