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Kind of expected this

After a session with a Microsoft Tech regarding not being able to see camera raw files from specific cameras (Olympus OMD EM1mkII and EM5mkII, and Canon 5DmkIV) I was told it was a Canon issue and to contact Canon for … Continue reading

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I got them Software Update Blues

So does my son.  I’m currently using older versions of Firefox/Cyberfox because the newest releases not only disable all my tried and true plugins/addons without any replacements for them, the new formats are freaking UGLY!  My son is getting the … Continue reading

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This ought to be fun

It seems my Windows 8.1 w/WMC issues have been punted up to ‘escalated’. But what got me is right off the bat, their email to me; My name isn’t Stephanie. From there on their email was obsequious and condescending all … Continue reading

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Once more into the breach!

But will wait until Friday. After 6 hours with Microsoft support working on my laptop with little or no success,  my problematic computer has been punted up to Tech Tier 2.  More things will be tried, but I have sinking … Continue reading

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The ongoing saga of Win 8 roll back

After hours online with MS Support, three different techs regarding doing a “repair install” on my Window 8.1 laptop that the ‘free’ upgrade to Windows 10 screwed up, and I managed to roll it back to 8.1, but had persistent … Continue reading

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Finally! Only took two tries.

I finally got a straight answer from MicroSoft in regards to getting my poor Vaio back to abby-normal Windows 8.1 after the disaster that was Win10 update.  All I needed was a new Windows 8 license key, because the Windows … Continue reading

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