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Someone emailed me asking for step by step

With photos after installing/copying On1 to CS5. After you’ve installed CC, and On1PhotoRaw, copy the plugins to CS5 Plugin directory/folder. Launch On1PhotoRaw. It will start in the BROWSE module. Select the image you want edit/develop. When you’re finished with your … Continue reading

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I was Over-thinking it

Easier way to use On1PhotoRaw 2018 with Photoshop CS5. Yes, still install trial version of CC, but don’t subscribe , and leave it on  your system, as the TOS says nothing about removing it if you aren’t going to use … Continue reading

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Another Alternative to Adobe Rentals

Now that even Adobe Lightroom has gone to subscription only, even more people are looking for alternatives for RAW processing and photo editing. Skylum Luminar – The latest program I tried.  I downloaded and installed the 14 day, fully functional, … Continue reading

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Even when you give long detailed instructions

And show the results as to WHY, there are always Mansplainers.  With the upcoming Blue Supermoon Eclipse, I gave detailed instructions on how to use a freeware astronomy program called “Registax”.  It didn’t take long for the usual Mansplainers to … Continue reading

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Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it’s wrong

A guy made an announcement on an Olympus users page, to not use the Panasonic 100-400 lens, as it would grind and cause metal shavings.  I told him we had tried that very lens on 3 different Olympus M43 cameras … Continue reading

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If there had been any doubt about the decision for knee surgery

This morning I saw sparkling water drops on some pretty purple blossoms, and I noticed both my small Geraldton Wax seedlings (still called seedlings until they reach 1″ across the base) were in danger of being swamped by weeds. I … Continue reading

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It wasn’t *too* bad

Yesterday was the first time I had been out on photoshoot since Sydney trip.  I managed it well enough, was rather tired and sore, but not overly so. Not until this morning.  Creak, crack, wince, hobbled my way to the … Continue reading

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