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Talk about overkill

Microsoft’s answer to fixing to small, almost negligible problems, with Windows 10 is like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer. After an update, that ‘succeeded’, I noticed task manager wouldn’t run.  Since I subscribe to “Assure”, I hopped online, and … Continue reading

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The dramas of Windows 10 never seem to end

Where do I start…  We all know that Windows 10 disables some software Microsoft deems unworthy, and ignores hardware it considers too ‘old’. But when updates not only remove programs, but then suddenly decide to red flag software you’ve been … Continue reading

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Oy &$^%$ vey!

Windows 10 upgrade was a disaster. Because both Microsoft AND AMD decided to not make updated graphics drivers for Radeon 7600 (only from 7700 on up) logging into Window could take (not a joke) close to an hour.  And woe … Continue reading

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