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Talk about overkill

Microsoft’s answer to fixing to small, almost negligible problems, with Windows 10 is like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer. After an update, that ‘succeeded’, I noticed task manager wouldn’t run.  Since I subscribe to “Assure”, I hopped online, and … Continue reading

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The dramas of Windows 10 never seem to end

Where do I start…  We all know that Windows 10 disables some software Microsoft deems unworthy, and ignores hardware it considers too ‘old’. But when updates not only remove programs, but then suddenly decide to red flag software you’ve been … Continue reading

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Quirks of Windows 10

Beside the constant “You do not have permission to view this fold. Click here to have permanent permission” even with the UAC set to the lowest it can go, I have found interesting things. Make sure you have your wireless/blue … Continue reading

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Quick fix for everyone with Win10 explorer not showing Camera Raw thumbnails

I present to you! Fast Picture Viewer Codecs For the HUGE currently on sale sum of $9.99 for a single user license, you can once again be able to view your camera raw files in Win10 Windows Explorer, and in … Continue reading

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Kind of expected this

After a session with a Microsoft Tech regarding not being able to see camera raw files from specific cameras (Olympus OMD EM1mkII and EM5mkII, and Canon 5DmkIV) I was told it was a Canon issue and to contact Canon for … Continue reading

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Oh it was a good thing I didn’t install Windows 10 over Windows 7

It might not seem like such a big thing, but it seems you can’t view thumbnails of some camera raw files in Windows 10 Windows Explorer. It become a problem because many photo editing programs rely on the native Windows … Continue reading

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After much key pounding

And experimenting with different programs, I have managed to boot back into Windows 7.  I will have to go back into the bios and make sure that the NEW boot configuration is selected.  Now, I will be deactivating certain programs … Continue reading

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