Whoever thinks housework isn’t work

I invite them to the 3 hour workout I just had. And I’m still not done. Problem is, I’m wincing when I take a deep breath, or try to sit up or pull my posture up straight.

Bonus: I still have more to do; and it needs to be done. Can’t put it off.

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Now this is very disappointing

“Canon Photo 5″ is no more. It’s been superseded by “Canon Shine”.

It’s turned into an internet popularity contest. If you have a large Twitter, FB, or other blog/media site friends list, no one who doesn’t have one stands a snow balls chance in hell. Those with huge friends lists will get ‘voting swarms’. The ‘winner’ becomes their free of charge spokesperson for Canon ads, getting little else than a bit of international viewing.

This is a damned shame, and really makes me sad. It does. I was really looking forward to this years Canon Photo 5. Sorry, Canon Australia. You’ve dropped the ball on this one. No more inspiration in a little brown box.

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Dear Magical Computer Elves/Sprites/Sidhe;

After I go through all the trouble of making system image (which for odd reasons failed twice before succeeding. Once because although it says it can work in background, you really need to leave the machine alone, and twice because one of our furry godlings managed to unplug the external drive), the setting up the 2nd external monitor so I can use the desk space, you decided to ‘allow’ the desk top monitor to start working again..

Thanks ever so much.

Yes, I know that the inverter board failure is an intermittent failure before complete failure, but I do find it funny that after jumping through all the hoops of creating system image, finding where I put the USB to DVI cable, get it set up, that the All in one Desktop monitor ‘decided’ to start working again.

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For the time being…

I set up an old external monitor to my laptop, giving me a semblance of normal operating procedures here. I ordered the part, and found a local computer repair person who will then come out to the house to pop open the computer and replace the faulty inverter board. I will be watching how the all in one is dismantled, so I can do it next time. I’ve never worked on an all in one before, and although I did find the online manual as to how to do it, I want to see it done before I attempt a repair myself.

Still have 2 hours waiting for the full system image back up on the desktop to finish.

Alan’s computer is in the shop for diagnostics. Not certain if it’s the motherboard or the hd. No use trying to fix one thing when it’s something else.

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Almost makes me want to set up time lapse photography

The past few weeks, Sam (the gardener) has been doing a great job taming the wild growth. The past two weeks he’s been working in the back yard, on the right side of the house. He did a great job (see below)

Problem is this: because the last person we hired to clear the yard didn’t take the debris away, or even bag it for us to dispose of, but left it hidden in piles under trees or shrubs, which allowed the seeds to fall off and it just started the whole thing all over again. So, although Sam has thoroughly weeded, every morning I go outside, and I see grass sprouts at least 2 inches tall. I get the rake out, dig them up and expose their roots, and they do dry out. Later on the same day, I go outside, and I’ll be damned if there isn’t more of them, same height.

Looking into either burying the area in mulch, or find a pet safe weed killer. The only one I found the weeds need to be in the sun. Not happening back there. The fence casts shadows right to the bricks.

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Why is it when you say you’re keeping Windows XP on specific computers, you get inundated with unhelpful suggestions about Linux or Macs?

1: I don’t want LINUX. It’s great you love LINUX, but I have certain programs and hardware that will not, and cannot run in LINUX, even using a simulated Windows Environment.

2: I wouldn’t be going through all the effort of making sure I was getting the last Windows XP updates available if I wanted to run a different OS. I don’t know why that is do difficult to see.

3: Also, I don’t want a Mac. Again, you like Macs, fine by me! But It’s not for me. (yes, I’ve used them, and no I don’t want to again!)

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White House has talked with Samsung about Obama-Ortiz selfie


Wow, I never hear this much bitching and whining when GW Bush had photo ops.

Originally posted on CNN Political Ticker:

(CNN) – Samsung’s reported selfie marketing stunt last week got the company into a bit of trouble with the White House.

Senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that the White House counsel’s office has had “conversations” with Samsung, after Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz took a picture of himself and President Barack Obama during a visit to the White House by the 2013 World Series winners.

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