Nice to see that Good Customer Service isn’t totally extinct

Yesterday, three QuickFlix DVDs arrived, but it had been raining, and the mailman didn’t insert them fully into the mailbox. They got soaked.

I had tried to carefully remove the mailing envelopes, but they dissolved into mush. The DVDs were ok, but the mailers were gone.

I logged onto QuickFlix site, and sent them a message via “contact us” after business hours yesterday.

This morning, I get a call. They are going to mark the ‘mailer-less’ DVDs as returned, so the next three are sent out immediately. When done with those, just double up the DVDs in the mailers.

Might be a tight squeeze, and if the mailer opens on the sides, I can and will use either tape or stapler to close the edges.

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What good is it…

For me, after someone complained about being fiscally careful, of doing just that (like sewing waistbands back on underwear is just so much fun.. and that’s just one example of penny pinching) what that other someone has, in the past two weeks, racked up $229 in speeding fines?

Anyone… anyone?

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Bather’s Beach, Fremantle W.A.

Can almost hear the waves, yes?

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To those who say “Never try to out-stubborn a cat”

You have never seen me do exactly that.

Ziggy has habit of licking a spot on a foot until it’s lost the fur (stress thing like a human biting fingernails). She has learned that I will make her stop whether she wants to or not.

Next thing; get her to stop ‘power rubbing’ her chin raw.

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I’m so glad I have a sewing machine

But not so glad I need it as often as I do.

It seems that most of the times I use it, is to repair piss poorly put stitched together items. Just got through finishing off the end of a zipper on a laundry bag, and stitching the zipper and fabric together. This is the 6th one repaired, and two I had to toss because the zipper head came off.

Now, I know these didn’t cost a small fortune (only $6 for a pair) but if you get them, use them once or twice, then they fall apart, and you get more, the cost can add up quickly.

And it’s not just laundry bags. I’ve had to re-seam shirts, dresses, ‘delicate underthings’. Wear once, wash once, repair.

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RIP Robin Williams. Be at Peace, and thank you for what you gave us.

I had hoped when I heard this, that it was a hoax. But it’s not.

Actor, comedian, genius…. the black dog got him. The world world has lost one of its brightest lights, and we are lessened for it.

My condolences to all who loved him, his family, friends, the world.

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Maybe that 3rd battery pack for cordless weed trimmer was bad idea

Because I never know when to stop.

For the past few weeks, I have asked, repeatedly for assistance from the male bipeds. First it was to clear some of the weeds that had grown back, and then just to remove twigs and branches so I could level everything with the weed trimmer.


Drained all three of them cutting the grass/weeds on the side of the house, and some of it out front, too. Hands hurt like hell from the vibrations. I got gloves with gel padding to absorb the vibrations, but someone forgot to tell the manufacturer that there is a difference in finger sizes from the middle finger down to the pinky finger, so they are of no use.

I now have clear areas to stand to take photos of Supermoon tonight. Already have what gear I’m going to use set up and tested it last night, so I’m good to go.

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