Smash forehead into keyboard to continue

Ok, I am really on my last nerve when it comes to telecommunications, whether phone or computer.

Our router died after years of long service. IINET did send another very quickly. That’s the good news. Bad news is it doesn’t like my wireless on my desktop, and when I start more than one program that accesses the internet, the “default gateway” goes “fnurky” and I have to reset the router. Of course, first thing is they say it HAS To me my network adapter. Umm, no, seeing as it can connect and stay connected to 3 different wireless routers/Wifi devices. So, after a few hours hammering away, IINET support said they will send another modem, give that one a try see if that works. (Hey, did my purchase curse apply here?)

And in OTHER news: Ordered new handset for Alan via VodaFone, forever now until the sun goes supernova, shall be known as VodaFail, on the 5th of November. No show for 3 weeks. I email via their support page. Gist of the message from them was “Oops, our bad! Will send it out right away!”

Go forward another 3 weeks, and nothing. I call. I’m not happy. I’m made to chant the my details over and over and over. They have no record of my emailing their support. Funny, I have not only the reply from their support but a reference number. Pregnant pause ensued. FINALLY, they will be sending the phone in 3 to 5 days.

It arrived today. Did I mention they knew that this was an upgrade from a Samsung Galaxy S2, so would need a new sim chip? Shoot, even the gal who I dealt with on Nov 5th told me that! Guess what DIDN’T arrive with the phone. (insert a string of words that would make a 20 yr Marine Drill Instructor blush). I call VodaFail, while on the landline with IINET, and Again, I am NOT happy here. Paying for 2 $%%#%$*&@# months of phone service that can’t be used?

I told them that they had better not DARE to send me a survey again, because they would NOT like the responses. I have a headache, my eyes hurt and I can hear the blood pounding in my ears.

Bets they don’t pay attention to that, either?

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It’s like caring for a child

Ziggy, our older Bengal, has the habit of when she is stressed, she will lick an area on her leg until the fur fall out, and the skin is irritated. Then the vicious circle of her licking it because it itches , which makes it more raw and irritated, which makes it itchier starts. I put a “Cone of Shame on her and we took her to the vet.

Exam showed no sign of skin infection. Vet and assistant shaved and washed the area, put NeoCort (Combine NeoSporin and Hydrocortisone) ointment on the area, giving it almost immediate relief. Anti-biotic and cortisone injection to last the day. Came home with medications for her.

Unlike Loki, who just got on with life when he had to wear the CONE OF SHAME, Ziggy sulks. Right now, she is on the desk extension/armrest look out the window, dozing off. (yeah, I know, I really didn’t want that armrest, did I?)

Did I mention how it’s thrown my usual schedule into a tailspin? Get up, crush pill, hide in her food, feed other three, put 1 in bedroom, take CONE OF SHAME off Ziggy, let her ‘do her business’, put her in front of medicated food (limiting overnight eating ensures she chows down on whatever we give her).

Drink of water, give her a few minutes to groom face. CONE OF SHAME back on. Wing holds her up on ‘show pose’, while I put on rubber gloves, and apply NeoCort to her leg and upper thigh.

Then I have to babysit her because she is very graceless with the cone, and to make sure Trance (the younger Bengal) doesn’t harass her. Can’t leave Ziggy locked in a room all day, nor can we do that to Trance.

We get to repeat the ointment again in the evening. I have an antibiotic past to give her, but the first dose.. well lets just say I had to wash it off her face. Vets need to come up with a tuna flavored version. *sigh*

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December 7, 2014, Full Moon.

Canon 7Dmk2, Sigma 150-500, Kenko 1.4x extender. ISO 200, f/9.0, 1/200exp. 100% crop.

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Ah, the joy of having a laptop that is desktop clone

Although this software package has been discontinued, I still use PhotoProfessional Pro 2.6 made by OnOne. I use it because I have certain presets and filters that never made their way to the “new and improved” OnOne PhotoSuite packages.

What I didn’t expect was when i went to use it for a specific filter, and it was gone. I checked in CS5 and CS6. No joy.

Booted up my laptop, and did a “Search Everything” and located them on in the AppData folder, and copied them over to an SD card, then imported them onto desktop folder.

Now that is a “Mission Accomplished” (on a small scale). ;)

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Vet called with results of Loki’s biopsy

To sum it up: not bone cancer.

Detailed information: The bony growth is the type normally found in larger breeds of dogs. The weight on such a thin-ish joint causes rubbing/grinding and can (an does) cause a bone spur or bony growth, causing pain and limping. Loki is very large cat. Not overweight, just BIG.

The good news is it can be treated by anti-inflammatories. If the spur rebuilds up, it will be removed again. And as a bonus, treatment is covered by pet insurance.

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Yup.. nailed it

“If you are more outraged at poor plack folks in Missouri looking stores than rich whites on Wall Street looting your future, you have been duped.” Pete Dominick @petedominick

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Post Surgical Check up for Loki

Vet was very pleased with how well the surgical wound is healing, and very happy to hear “What limp?” as the reply to her question about the limp that brought Loki to the vet. That in all probability means that the lump is a callus from an impact from a bad landing.

Loki has a few small abrasions on his paw, but it’s from his trying to groom, and getting scraped on the edges of the “Cone of Shame”. Surgical elastic gauze put on the edges, and I have some ointment for that. They gave him an injection of antibiotics so I don’t have to stress him out anymore today.

Right now, Loki is curled up on the sofa behind me. Me, I’m still exhausted from photo workshop yesterday. I was so tired last night, when I went to sleep, I dreamed about climbing into bed and falling asleep. Next thing I knew, it was 7am and purr kid was bugging me to get up.

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