Welcome to Paradox “Options”

I really like this episode. If you could actually swap genders, to see how the other half lives. Genetic/DNA surgery doesn’t just give the semblance of the opposite sex, but you actually become the opposite sex.

A woman catches her husband cheating on her. She decides to undergo the the treatment. The outcome of her experiment isn’t quite what she expected, but at the same time opens her eyes to how men interact. Also, instead of being male or female, but what it means to just being human.

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Hatches Battened Down

Have some stormy weather, with very strong gusty winds heading our way. Wind’s already here. Have tucked things into the shed, other things up against the gate and house. Filled watering can to weigh it down. Made sure the lime tree was off the wheeled dolly (can’t have that fall over again)

As I have this quirk of typically sleeping through, or getting drowsy during them. (yawn) and this incoming storm is having the usual affect.

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Hear A Previously-Unreleased Duet Between Michael Jackson And Freddie Mercury


Amazing voices, never to be duplicated but often imitated.

Originally posted on UPROXX:

Queen At Live Aid

After sitting on the proverbial shelves for over 30 years, “There Must Be More to Life Than This,” an unreleased Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury duet recorded in 1983, has finally seen the light of the day. (How crazy is that? Jackson and Mercury were two of the world’s biggest pop stars; “Life” should have been a super-hit. It’s like holding off airing a TV show starring Bryan Cranston and Louis C.K. until they’re dead.) Versions of the collaboration have been available on YouTube and bootlegs for some time, but never in an official capacity, or with William Orbit’s production. Here you go.

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Today is the first day

That I have spoken to my eldest son, Paul, in quite some time. It wasn’t for the best of reasons, but I don’t care. He is going through a rough patch, (not of his making) and family is family. I’ve missed him, and I told him as much.

But then I did something even more important; I listened. I let him pour it all out to me, no judgment and only offered advise and my opinion when I was asked for it. He knew that if I thought for an instant that he was in the wrong, I would have landed on him (verbally) with both feet.

That wasn’t the case.

And I’m still here to listen.

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I envy my cousin his lack of tonsils

Because here I am, over 50, with a bout of tonsillitis combined with ear infection.

My biggest problem with it right now is the painful swallowing. It’s not just the tonsil/throat, it’s the stabbing pain in the ear when I do from the pressure of the tonsil on the Eustachian tube. It’s especially troublesome right about 3:30 am, when the pain medication wears off.

Fever, pain, and lack of sleep. Perfect recipe for being cranky, or having no filter and calling it like it is.

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Nice to see that Good Customer Service isn’t totally extinct

Yesterday, three QuickFlix DVDs arrived, but it had been raining, and the mailman didn’t insert them fully into the mailbox. They got soaked.

I had tried to carefully remove the mailing envelopes, but they dissolved into mush. The DVDs were ok, but the mailers were gone.

I logged onto QuickFlix site, and sent them a message via “contact us” after business hours yesterday.

This morning, I get a call. They are going to mark the ‘mailer-less’ DVDs as returned, so the next three are sent out immediately. When done with those, just double up the DVDs in the mailers.

Might be a tight squeeze, and if the mailer opens on the sides, I can and will use either tape or stapler to close the edges.

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What good is it…

For me, after someone complained about being fiscally careful, of doing just that (like sewing waistbands back on underwear is just so much fun.. and that’s just one example of penny pinching) what that other someone has, in the past two weeks, racked up $229 in speeding fines?

Anyone… anyone?

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