Vet called with results of Loki’s biopsy

To sum it up: not bone cancer.

Detailed information: The bony growth is the type normally found in larger breeds of dogs. The weight on such a thin-ish joint causes rubbing/grinding and can (an does) cause a bone spur or bony growth, causing pain and limping. Loki is very large cat. Not overweight, just BIG.

The good news is it can be treated by anti-inflammatories. If the spur rebuilds up, it will be removed again. And as a bonus, treatment is covered by pet insurance.

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Yup.. nailed it

“If you are more outraged at poor plack folks in Missouri looking stores than rich whites on Wall Street looting your future, you have been duped.” Pete Dominick @petedominick

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Post Surgical Check up for Loki

Vet was very pleased with how well the surgical wound is healing, and very happy to hear “What limp?” as the reply to her question about the limp that brought Loki to the vet. That in all probability means that the lump is a callus from an impact from a bad landing.

Loki has a few small abrasions on his paw, but it’s from his trying to groom, and getting scraped on the edges of the “Cone of Shame”. Surgical elastic gauze put on the edges, and I have some ointment for that. They gave him an injection of antibiotics so I don’t have to stress him out anymore today.

Right now, Loki is curled up on the sofa behind me. Me, I’m still exhausted from photo workshop yesterday. I was so tired last night, when I went to sleep, I dreamed about climbing into bed and falling asleep. Next thing I knew, it was 7am and purr kid was bugging me to get up.

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The Lure of Banana/Peach/Passionfruit Yogurt

Still works on Loki. He had his antibiotics in the yogurt, and 10 mins later, I put his single daily dose of pain meds in a gravy-ish cat food.

He wants to go outside, but not until the stitches are out. Poor moggie. Watching him trying to scratch his ear through the “Cone of Shame”.

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Loki back home, but not too happy

Vet/Radiologist report:
Radiographs of the forelimbs: wrist, elbows and shoulders

The front wrist on the right side showed a bony change (different to the left) coming off the distal radius. The change is smooth and doesn’t appear to be an aggressive lesion like an osteosarcoma or fungal infection.

A sample for this – as much as possible without weakening the distal radius was taken.

Small cat fight wound was clipped and scrubbed.

Fairly certain the small cat fight wound was when he chased a trespasser from the front yard. Wing is out getting some Banana/Peach/Passionfruit yogurt to sneak Loki’s medications into. Did that with him when he had broken leg, and he still loves the stuff. And getting him a few shrimp. Have to do a wee bit of pampering.

I’m going to hope for the best, as the vet said it didn’t have the ‘moth eaten’ appearance of being bone cancer.

(looks at the bill) This is why I got myself an ‘emergency credit card’ and also why we have pet insurance.

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Call from the Vet

Dr S said that the lump is a piece of bone, but not from Loki’s wrist. No idea where it has come from. It isn’t spongy, nor does it have the ‘moth eaten’ look of bone cancer. It’s just a piece of bone.

That being said, the vet wants to remove it, and send it off for testing.

So, with luck, we will end up bringing a grump, annoyed with us cat, home this afternoon.

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Brought Loki to the vet around 9am, for a hard lump on his right ‘wrist’, and limping. On advise of the vet, he is there for x-rays and tests.

I know some will say “It’s ‘only’ a cat”. But Loki is my cat. I’ve had him since he was 4 months old. I nursed him through a badly broken leg and long recovery time.

He curls up with my at night for a cuddle, follows me around the yard. He greets me in the morning, headbutts me for attention.

Now, I’m waiting to hear from the vet, hoping for the best.

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