Finally got to see GHOSTBUSTERS 2016

And for the life of me, I can’t figure out why there was so much antipathy in regards to it.

The script was a bit weak, but the acting was excellent. The FX didn’t dominate the movie. Was it great? No, but it was very enjoyable.  I loved the tribute to Harold Ramis, and the cameos from some of the actors from the original movie.  I was well and truly entertained.

Again, no clue, other than pure piss-headedness, why this movie generated so much hatred towards one of the actors. She did a wonderful job.. they all did.

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Yesterday, I got an email from U.S. Embassy in Perth

About return mailing of Absentee Ballots.  Oh hello!  I haven’t even received mine yet, so I sent an email to the registrar in the state I am registered to vote in as to when I will be receiving it.

They aren’t being mailed out until Sept 24th.  Whohuhwha?  Let’s do a little math here.

Absentee ballots get mass mailed out Saturday September 24th.  Takes two to three weeks to get here. I get it filled out, and it will take another two to three weeks to get back there.

That is cutting it too fine, too close. What if the ballot doesn’t get here, gets lost in the mail? 

I am going to suggest to them, that next Federal election, after the primaries are over send the absentee ballots out!  There are places to put in write in candidates.  Because waiting until the last week in September?  Oh hell no!

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Another 6 Week Post-Op check up

Had to go back early because of the dressing springing a ‘leak’ from people poking, patting or pushing on it. (It’s that cosmic rule, if any part of your body is hurt or injured, it becomes a magnet for being touched or poked)

It was ‘fixed’ on Tuesday, but had to go back today. Fun part! Dressing removed, wound cleaned of ‘uses’ solugel/intrasite gel, waited for Dr H to come take a peek.  It’s still healing, but there was a bit more granulation than the doctors liked. *sigh*  Wound debrided, rinsed with sterile saline, gel daubed back into it, waterproof dressing reapplied.

Ok, wound is still about the size of an almond, but only 2mm deep now.  I am getting a bit rashy under the dressing, but I get that with all bandaging. Skin is a bit sensitive to the adhesive.  Don’t care, told the nurse, I would rather deal with a bit of itch, than another dressing leakage.  Anyhow, I can’t reach there to scratch.😀 Go back in another week for another dressing change and assessment. 

I’m just waiting for the day we can ‘allow’ it to scab over and use a regular bandaid on it.

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That was a surprising change

I like Capture One photo editing software. It’s a great RAW editor, with a lot of tools.

However, it tended to be very slow and clunky, even with a high end computer.  The current version I had was 9.2.1.  There was update to 9.3, so I downloaded and installed it.

And I tried it out, and was pleasantly surprised to see that the masking tools was faster and not so ‘draggy’.  Adjusting the sliders was immediate.  I don’t know what they changed, but I was happy to see it working much faster than it had before.

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Wound care, week 6, it sprung a leak!

Told nurse what happened, and what Wing did at home with what we had, then going to pharmacy, getting post op bandages, and ‘patching it’.

I Lifted shirt and she chuckled “That’s one leak that will never happen again!” (he had over done the bandaging but I sort of knew that)

So, she took em all off (wince ouch wince ouch) cleaned Instracite gel (cold cold cold sterile saline, make funny ouchie face). Doc H took a look, said it took no harm from the leak, and to just COAT the wound, not fill, with some more gel, put clear patch/bandage over it and come back Friday.

The Nurse stopped by Wing and told him if she ever needed another nurse, she would be calling on him, because he did that good of a job of patching the dressing.😀

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Ever want to say "Next time you try to screw me, at least kiss me first."

I am selling a not quite 2yr old Lumix 100-300 lens, that is in mint condition, because I have Kipon EF to MFT adapter and now use my canon 70-300 L on my Olympus EM1. I might have used the lens 3 or 4 times, has $110 high end UV guaranteed no scratch filter.   I checked all the places that are selling this lens used, sometimes without the filters, and priced mine $50 less at $450.  For ‘mates rates’ I was willing to sell them as a package for $400

Yesterday, someone insultingly offered me $300, maybe $400 if I included a $170 scratch proof high end CPL filter and the $110 UV filter. 

Read post title for my opinion of that.

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South Street Veterinarians are really great.

Last year, Trance went into total panic mode when we brought her into for physical and vaccinations.  So, to save her the panic, we scheduled to have the vets come out here for her.  They said “Well, we can do all the cats’ exams at the same time.”

They just left. Vaccinations given, exams given, Keito’s blood drawn for testing.  Trance did panic a bit, but  no where near as much as she did at the Vets’ office.  She settled down and just voiced her complaint.

Ziggy was her usual. Sat there there until done.  Healthy moggie.

Loki is a bit overweight, but that is because he keeps sneaking up behind the others and finishing what the left in their dishes, the oinker.

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