Another Adobe Camera Raw competitor

It seems that even Topaz Labs is getting on board with putting out their own Camera Raw editor. 

Welcome “Topaz Studio”.  A full featured camera raw or DNG editor that will easily replace adobe Bridge/Adobe Camera Raw. And unlike other ACR competitors (sorry, On1, but at this time, this is true) it comes with lens correction that you can use or not., unlike DxO which will apply lens correction whether you want it or not (when I use a fish eye lens, I use it to get the fish eye effect, and don’t want it removed).

And, it’s easy enough that beginners will have no problem using it, but advanced features will satisfy the more experienced

Edits are non-destructive, and you can view the original and edited with a click of the button, or set it up to see it side by side/ over and under if you want.


You can also use all your current Topaz Labs Plugins in the editor.  I haven’t found a way to ‘punt’ edited image into other photo editor, but with all the tools included with Topaz Studio, you might not need to. Even if you do it’s easy enough to SAVE AS, and then open in other editing program.

Topaz Studio is free to use, but if you want there is an “Adjustment Pack Pro”, that a pre-release is being offered for 70% for current TopazLabs users.  This does mean you have to have an account with TopazLabs, but if you own the software, you already do have the account. The Adjustment Pro Pack coupon code, funnily enough, ‘presale’ (without the quotes).  The discount goes to 50% off when it goes on sale to the general public.

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Update for Corel Aftershot Pro (Non-subscription Lightroom Competitor)

Yeah yeah, I know Adobe is called “industry standard”, but when I get equal if not better results using something other than Adobe Products, which is less expensive, has more tools, and isn’t subscription, I say their standards must have a low bar.

Corel PaintShop Pro and AfterShot pro cost less combined than buying Lightroom. Let that sink in for a moment. Does the same if not better than Adobe products, but costs less.

Raw edits in AfterShotPro 3, Final edits (viveza, define) in PaintshopPro X9. Even created my ‘signature’ brush in PSPX9.

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To all my Aussie friends

The “Car Accident” Scammers are back! Here’s the phone number they called me twice from: 02 8006 9329

Yes, I had a play with them, so they called me twice.
I asked “Is this about the accident with our Green Kia wagon?” 

She said she only had details that I had been in a car accident, that wasn’t my fault.

“Well, if you can’t tell me my name and the make and model of my car, I’m not giving you any personal information!”. 

She said she would have her ‘supervisor’ call me back.

He called, claimed his name was “Jordan”. Same song and dance.  Same reply, from me, and when he said he could call me back tomorrow with the information.. meh.

“Guy, bored now, so I’m not going to play anymore. I haven’t had a car accident in over 25 years, and I know this is a scam, and am going to broadcast this number far and wide.”

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Headed out to Shelly Jetty

In hopes to get some colorful sunset shots, but the storm clouds rolled.  So, Lemons, lemonade.

Canon 5D4, Sigma 12-24

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Fading Blood Red Moon – Full Moon, May 11, 2017

Photos taken at 6:15 through to 8:10pm

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The Avengers Discussing "TrumpCare"

Natasha: well, this is awesome. No Avenger except Tony is eligible for health insurance.

Pepper: what are you talking about?? What happened??

Bruce: we all have preexisting conditions. For instance, I have hypertension.

Clint: I’m deaf.

Bucky: mental illness.

Wanda: *simply raises hand to agree with Bucky*

Sam: PTSD.

Steve: asthma, allergies, colorblindness…

Natasha: we’ll be here all day, Rogers.

Pepper: he doesn’t have those anymore!

Steve: but I did. They’re pre-existing.

Natasha: I’ve broken every bone in my body at least once.

Peggy: I’ve been shot, and I’m 98. Technically I should be on Medicare.

Tony: guys, I’m a recovering alcoholic. They’re not going to cover me either.


Natasha: OK, so Pepper is the only one of us who can get health insurance. We’re the AVENGERS, and we can’t get health insurance.

Pepper: Um, I have that Extremis thing.


Natasha: OK, so JARVIS is the only one of us who can get health insurance.

Peggy: Would Ultron count as a preexisting condition? He was sort of a virus.


Natasha: ….damn it.

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Day two, with new boots

I got a new pair of hiking boots yesterday, because the old pair always bruised my toes and just hurt like hell to wear.

After wearing them for over 6 hours yesterday, I wasn’t getting cramps in left calf, and my lower back wasn’t as achey.  I’m hoping that the fit and shock absorbency will help with right knee. Not expecting it to ‘cure’  the knee, still need replacement, but combined with the snynovial injection, to ease the pain and make walking a bit less of a limping affair. 

And to all the well meaning people: Although I do appreciate that you care, please, no more armchair medical advice. 

No, I don’t need orthodics in my shoes. My left heel is sore because it hits the ground harder than the right foot does because of my back issue.

My back issue is because of a disc that calcified and collapsed. Did have back surgery 9 yrs ago, but I have lingering issues with it (read above).  

No, the brace/compression bands aren’t too small or too tight.  Yes, I have discussed the puffy right foot with GP, knee surgeon and a physiotherapist. It’s caused by the leg having restricted movement.

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