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I have been doing a lot of reading about my knee. It’s not going to get any better. It might be a bit better than it was 4 weeks ago, but it’s not going to get any better. If anything, it will degenerate and get worse. My knee hurts, I’m less active because it hurts. I’m less active, my weight goes up. Weight goes up, knee hurts worse, then I’m less active…round and round. Discussed things with Wing, bouncing the good, the bad and the ugly of knee replacement surgery. The risks, the benefits. My expectations aren’t to be a marathon runner, just to be pain free.

Called the  Nurse Practitioner from Dr S office , and she called me back today. I told her about how I read everything I could get my hands on, understood the risk/benefit.  I go in for paperwork, blood tests and a few other test to make sure I am in reasonably good health. X-Rays to make sure which prosthetic will be put in.

I even have a tentative date for the surgery.

I told the NP that I was scared… she said that she would be worried if I wasn’t.

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From the MWBs forum

I have been instructed to run MBCleaner… again. And do another clean install.. again.

My response is as follows.

My eyelid just started twitching.. I have to ask, please don’t take it personally, what is uninstalling MWBs with MWCleaner for the (checks) 21st time going to fix, that the first 20 times didn’t?

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Typed too soon

After Malwarebytes completed the scan, and I quarantined what I didn’t really want or need running, I apprehensively shut it down.

Seems I was right to be apprehensive, because when I tried to start it again, it wouldn’t.  Tried rebooting to see if that would ‘fix’ it like it did last night.. nope.

Have sent info to tech support.


Silver lining?  I actually got to do a full system scan, and all is good.

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Maybe I should be their tech support

After 18, yes 18, things from Malwarebytes tech support that didn’t work, and about the same from a MBWs forum, also didn’t work, over the course of two weeks,  with both places blaming OTHER software, and having me uninstall that OTHER software, for the problem of MWM 3.1.2 user interface not opening, both places offered the same solution.

To reboot in safe mode and turn off self protection. Any takers as to where that worked or not?

I tried to do that, but it would not switch off in safe mode.  Even after stripping out all other security programs (CryptoPreventer, MSE) it would not start unless in safe mode.

That being typed, this was the solution for me.

1: Used MBCleaner to remove 3.1.2.  Rebooted

2: After login, installed 3.0.6.  Didn’t check for updates. Put in license and ID, set up exclusions again, just in case. Went to Protections and was able to shut Self Protection off.

3: Updated to 3.1.2.  Double Clicked desktop Icon, nothing. Nothing in system tray again.

4: Rebooted.

5: After login, system tray icon was there with red triangle (for never having run a scan). Double clicked desktop icon, and chewed on fingernail.

User interface loaded up.

I am a lateral thinker.. they are linear, or just can’t be swayed from their checklist script, even when you have told them every step you took, including the ones that just told you to do…. again.  But being a lateral thinker, I was able to come up with a solution.

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Timing, huh?

Anyone else other than myself find the timing of Facebook trying to foist their fake ‘malicious software’ scanner/malware on me, less than 6 hours after I removed CryptoPreventer and Microsoft Security Essentials as instructed by tech support at Malwarebytes just a wee bit more than a coincidence?

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Well, that was a first

In the ongoing saga that is Malwarebytes latest version not working right, I used their cleaner tool to un-install it yet again, rebooted yet again, and was greeted by “This Windows 7 installation isn’t genuine” 

WTF??  2 years after I built this beast, and installed a freshly purchased LEGIT copy? (even MS Assure support gave me the thumbs up about it being genuine… although I can’t understand why someone with a hacked and cracked version would be contacting MS support).

I sorta held my breath until Windows login was complete, and check my system… It was a futz message, because according to SYSTEM, it is a legit activated copy of Windows 7 Ultimate. 

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Non-violent protest only works if opponents are honorable

White Supremacists, the KKK, the Alt-Right, and Neo-Nazis have a long history of acts of violence.  They also have zero honor. How could the police, who seem to taser, shoot, pepper spray anyone that looks cross-eyed at them, NOT be there to protect peaceful counter-protesters?

Then you have Racist enablers/Apologists, and general all around asshole making excuses, or trying to say it was faked (Yes, that asswipe Alex Jones is at it again)

Let’s not forget the orange idiot saying “on many sides”… Really?  Uhh, no. Regardless of what that crappy FAUX SNOOZE pandering author said about Neo-Nazis being ‘left wing’, the above mentioned groups have always considering themselves right wing conservatives.  Also, President Shit for Brains, you demanded a Muslim ban when one man ran his car into a London crowd.  Where’s the White Supremacists, the KKK, the Alt-Right, and Neo-Nazis ban?  Oh, right, can’t ban them. They’re your supporters, you lame, weak, POS.

Then you have the f&$king racists that voted for the Orange Menace. You know, the ones who get all upset when you call them out on it, either cheering the violence, or trying incite more, or saying the ones killed and injured, well they some how deserved it.

WTF is wrong with all of you? The police: if a bunch of North American Gunhumping Ammosexuals intimidate people with open carry, you let it slide. Peaceful protesters, you look like you’re ready for a military conflict.  You have been videoed strutting around with your SWAT gear, intimidating citizens. You have used plastic barriers to corral unarmed young women and pepper spraying them when they have done NOTHING WRONG!

It seems the police are only interested in pulling a ‘show of force’ if it’s against unarmed peaceful, sometimes even compliant, people. 

So yeah, you caught the guy that murdered that young woman by using his car.  And if it hadn’t been for the peaceful protesters that videoed the incident, I wonder if the murderer would have been caught at all.

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