Hot days, cooler evenings

It does get rather toasty during the days in Perth-ish W.A. (I say Perth-ish as I don’t live in the capitol city of Perth, but I can see the skyline of it) That’s called summer.

The evenings though, the refreshing “Fremantle Doctor” aka ocean breeze kicks in and cools things down. Wing and I went out with a group of local photographers to have a wander around the newly opened “Elizabeth Quay”.



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Preparing ahead of time

For the next 5 days, we are going to be having 40c/105f degree or over temperatures.  So, I have prepped as much as I can. Not just for me, but for the local wildlife/birds.

All the birdbaths have been scrubbed and refilled with fresh water. I will check on them a few times a day to make sure the water hasn’t gotten hot in the sun.  They are in shade most of the time, but planetary rotation and all that puts them in the sun for some of day.

Plants were well watered before the sun came up, with cool water from the garden hose. 

The AC; I have it set at 27c.  And if anyone thinks that is too hot, I will invite them to stand outside for a few minutes.

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Persistence paid off

That and Wing not sleeping too well.

I ended up getting up at just the right time, to get outside at just the right time, to get a photograph of the 5 Planets and the Moon in Alignment.

Kit used: Canon 5D3, 8-15mm fisheye lens.


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Jumped from it one time too many

Ziggy liked the armrest I had gotten for my desk. She would sit on it when I wasn’t using it, as she fit so perfectly.  See?



Loki kept trying to do the same, but at twice her weight, I wouldn’t let him get on it.

Ziggy used it one time too many for a springboard, and it broke. Me, being the type that thinks ahead, went into my bedroom, rummaged around the top of my wardrobe, and got the other one out (different style, so won’t have the same structural weakness the previous one had.) and bonus, this one has a wrist rest built in.

Here’s hoping the new one lasts a bit longer.

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Solved one problem, only to have others

Ah, will the fun of tech ever stop?

I have been swapping out charge cords for USB devices. I did have a USB2 multiport hub, but it’s not very efficient for USB3 devices.

You would think the solution would be to get USB3 hub or hubs (depending on the number of ports per hub). Well, yes.. sort of.

Powered down computer, unplugged devices from USB2 hub. Set up the two USB3 hubs. Plugged in the devices, started up the computer and waited. 

The portable USB hd didn’t get recognized. Swapped port on the hub, drive is found. Applied proper drive letter. 

Naga Hex gaming mouse not recognized. Tried swapping ports, and waiting.. and waiting.. and waiting.  No joy. Computer only recognized it when plugged into port on the computer, not the hub. Same with the HD Webcam.

Then, suddenly, my keyboard wasn’t working except for a few keys and the media controllers. Unplugged and replugged it in. Nope.  Rebooted. Ta da! Keyboard working again. 

Had to juggle the Wacom tablet port assignment.   It has its’ own unique quirk.  The tablet seems to need to have the wireless dongle in even if I want to use the cable, or else the tablet ‘isn’t there’. 

As of now, I no longer have a USB cords in the front ports of the computer that the arm of my chair kept catching on.

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I knew making that clean spot was dangerous

Yesterday, I selected a corner of the bedroom (my night stand area) went through what was on it, near it, by it, sorting and tossing a lot of things away, and putting things back where they belong. I even vacuumed off camera bags that had cat fur on them. Got everything squared away.. neat. Tidy.

Today, one of the cats hurked up one hair ball too many. I sighed, cleaned up the hairball, and looked at the rug. With all the stone/slate flooring, she chose to hurk up on the carpet.   Another spot on the rug.

So, into Domestic Goddess Mode. Moved as much off the floor as I could without moving furniture. (desk chair isn’t furniture, the sofa and bookcases are). Thoroughly vacuumed the carpet twice. Looked at it, and gave it another once over just to be sure.

Got out the carpet shampooer. It works great, but my biggest bugbear about it is it doesn’t hold enough shampoo/water mixture and you have to empty the catch tank too often.  So, 4 refills and empties later, the carpet is a new shade of color.  Clean.

Wonder how long it will stay that way.

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If you don’t want a ‘fair’ rating then up your game.

I bought something from an online seller. Used item, CD. I didn’t expect it to be pristine as it was a used CD, but it was listed as in “Very Good” condition.

It arrived quickly, and then I spotted the yellow Opened by Australia Post for inspection by Quarantine sticker on the front, and a PASSED one on the back where the package was resealed.

At first I thought it was just a random inspection. Then I opened it.  I read the note about how it was flagged by canine inspection (aka sniffer dog) so they opened it.  The item was dirty? (Whohuhwha..?  How does one get a CD dirty enough to flag a sniffer dog? What was on it?).

Took out the CD, and my expectations dropped another notch. The CD case was cracked.  Ok, that happens when sellers mail on the cheap, using padded envelopes. I have empty jewel cases just for stuff like this.

Then, I took the cd out.  The playing surface was visibly scratched to the point I didn’t know if it would play. Also, I saw what flagged the sniffer dog. It had something on the playing surface, spots of something that had been spilled on it. I checked what was left of the CD case, including the booklet and back.  Nothing. So this wasn’t grunge that happened during the trip, but before it was shipped.

So, I tell the seller about the condition. I get fed condescending platitudes and how *I* must be wrong, or have buyers remorse. At no time did I request a return or refund.

I left a ‘fair’ rating. Explained the scratches and spots, that the CD wasn’t in very good condition, but in fair or maybe good. 

So, what does seller do? Sends me a “woe is me, how could you do this to me?” sort of message, telling me I had buyers remorse and othersuch bullshit.

In short, I replied, telling her about the cracked case, the quarantine inspection caused by whatever foreign substance was on the CD and the quality of the CD not being what she claimed it was.  And I included photos.  Again, at no time did I request a return or refund.

I did, however, carefully clean the CD, put it in the DVD player and made a FLAC file with a cue sheet. Played it. I did hear a few flaws (slight crackle) during the playback. I stand by my assessment. Seller got a fair rating as the product wasn’t as she described, it was mailed dirty, in a cheap padded envelope.

Buyers’ remorse?  No, but I think she had “Sellers’ faux remorse because someone actually left honest comment.”

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