Seagate, your ineptitude never ceases to amaze me

Synopsis: I had a under warranty external HD fail. Seagate sent me a replacement. Unfortunately, less than a year later, that one failed too, suddenly. PAYAM data recovery service was able to retrieve the data (turns out the heads failed, but the platters were undamaged).  Turns out they had sent me a refurb, not a new one. Of course, it was stated in itty bitty light grey text on white background. Funny how that was overlooked (sarcasm off now)

So, I send them the faulty external drive. And what did they send me?  Another refurb, but NOT in a case.  *headdesk*  Really?  What kind of braindeaders WORK there!?

So, called PC Case Gear, and after talking to Vincent, I ordered a USB3 external bay for the drive.

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Hail and farewell

After the Melville council arborist checked the gum tree, it’s been decided that it has to go.  The whole thing.  Damned shame, as that tree was a home, haven, nesting site, photography stage and food supply for hundreds of birds.  The council will replant a native nectar bearing trees/shrubs, but it will take years for them to become established.

To keep the nectarivores fed though, I will be getting two larger capacity humming bird feeders and those will be put in the back yard to prevent squabbling and territorial fighting… well, cut back on it at least.

We still have the Jacaranda, the bottlebrush hedges, and a few other lower shrubs and trees. 

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Kind of expected squabbles

Yesterday and the day before, we were hit by a severe storm front. Our gorgeous Gum Tree was badly damaged.  This tree is (or should I say was) the stage for many of my large bird photographs (Cockatoos, Kookaburras, Galahs)

This makes me want to cry:

I am hoping that we will be able to have the outer sections removed, leaving the center spire to ‘re-bush’.  (gum trees are notorious for how difficult they are to ‘kill off’). 

Squabbles:  the tree above was a major, and I mean major, food source and nesting area for local honey eaters and other birds.  Our bottlebrush trees, which were trimmed way back last year because of solar panel installation, were another.  I ‘fixed’ the bottlebrush tree problem by getting 5 hummingbird feeders and finding a proper nectar recipe, supplementing it with ‘molting vitamins’ every once in a while, and spreading them out in the bottlebrushes.  Now that the gum tree was badly damaged by the storm, the competition for that food source has resulted in squabbles, with the oldest, biggest Red Wattlebird being the bully of the block.

There is a good chance that I will have to spread them out a bit further, in different trees, and will be refilling them more often.

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Dear Seagate Tech support

Is it a prerequisite of the job there to have had a lobotomy? I sent you an email with a photo of the receipt from AusPost, showing tracking information, and CLEARLY showing the date. I even told you that my email was to inform you the parcel with faulty drive had been mailed on that date.

Your brain dead response showed me no one bothered to look at the email or the jpg fully, as the reply from you is “We haven’t received the drive yet.” Well no shit, Sherlock. But I didn’t say that to you.

I replied,“No kidding you didn’t get it yet. Did anyone bother to check the JPG I attached to the email? It clearly shows it was posted YESTERDAY. “

I get a brainless reply: the item hasn’t arrived and according to the tracking number it’s in transit.


I replied: Oy vey.. since someone there is thick witted, let me see if using smaller words will help.

I KNOW it did not arrive. I know it’s in transit. I sent you photo of AusPost shipping as a COURTESY to show you it HAD been shipped to you.

Now, I know that courtesy might be something alien, but try not to send me another copy/paste or FAQ response.

One More Time:

1: I know it hasn’t arrived at Seagate.

2: I know it’s in transit.

3: I sent email with photo of AusPost as a COURTESY.

Someone hand me a clue by four in case then send me yet another dipshit response.

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Home.. and I am tired.

In the process of shifting close to 500 photos taken over the past few days to HD storage.

Have wiped down the camera, and will be doing same to the lenses, as there was rain, and salt spray from the ocean/waves/breakers.

Also found out the hard way that my hiking boots are about 1cm too small. No wonder toes felt like they were breaking.

#canoncollective #canonaustralia

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WTF is it with my external drives???

Out of the blue, one of my WD external drives started kicking back “Local Drive”, disk management said it was RAW data, and the data was inaccessible.   After a few days of looking/researching/reading I was about to give up.  Many places just said format the drive and hope for the best.

Uhh, no, I don’t want to lose the data.

More research, and I found a program that fixed the RAW data problem, and now in the process of copying the data to what I know is a fully functioning drive. It’s on an older USB 2 drive so it will take a while to get 1.8tb shifted, but at least I can get it done.

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Seagate, you are really sneaky

Just filled out the RMA request for the faulty Seagate external drive that was a replacement for a faulty Seagate drive. A quick reminder, heads failed on Seagate #1, but I was able to get all data transferred before total failure because I noticed problems.  Seagate #2 was the replacement, which had the SAME effin’ problem, and I think I know why.

My original Seagate, #1, the serial number was Z1F2RE8N. 

The replacement had the serial number NA4JZ12L on the drive case.

I just looked at the faulty drive that PAYAM sent back to me… the serial number on the drive itself is Z1F2RE8N.

What did they do? Put it in a new case after a minor fix and sent the original one back to me in a different case?  My bet is yes.

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