Why do they have to make it so damned difficult?

Yes, I know that 123Cheese is gone, defunk, vanished into the bitstream.  That isn’t the difficultly.

The difficulty is this: Photobookshop dot com dot au, Photobookclub dot com dot au, and The Designer all use the same program. Same layouts, same menus, same EVERYTHING… BUT, they can’t read each other’s finished products (and two of them are different branches of same freaking company!) due to encryption. Really, guys? Do you really think there is a black market in trading photobook formats?

So, how do I fix the problem of getting my 123Cheese photobook into any of the other.  The slow, tedious, repetitive open each of the pages in 123Cheese, screencap the windows, save as jpgs. THEN ‘rebuild’ the books in one of the other programs.

Doesn’t that sound like fun?  (voice heavily dripping with sarcasm)

I got one 100 page book done, but need to take a break.

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Short, SLOW, excursion out today

Just to the shops to pick up a few items, then off to the pet store to get some grain free food for Keito. Wing went to the fish monger to get supplies for tonight.

I pit-stopped in K-Mart to pick up some cheapish leggings to wear.  I have been wearing the hinged knee brace under my pants mostly to keep it out of sight, but the back of my leg itched like crazy.  Wearing the brace over the leggings stops the itching and, as a bonus, seems to make people a bit more tolerant/sympathetic as to why I am walking slowing. 

Knee still aches, but nothing like it did two days ago. That can be chalked up to 50mls of fluid drained, and pain killers.  Don’t think the SYNVISC has started working in just two days.

Still feel very tired, though. I zonked out reclining in my chair.

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Talked with Dr S yesterday

Not just about the knee and how to treat it, but what this whole thing is doing to me.

9 years ago a calcified disc between two vertebrae collapsed, needed surgery to fix it.  I adjusted to my limitations after the back surgery.  I didn’t like the fact that dancing, both teaching and performing, was no longer possible. It hurt, as I loved it.  But I adjusted. I took up photography again, and could go out whenever and where ever.

But this. Even trying to type this out, I’m trying not to lose it again. I hate this.  The not being able to do even what i used to do. I can’t even go for a walk in the park because it just hurts too much (bone on bone grinding leaves me gasping in pain sometimes). More than once, I have finished cooking dinner by resting my elbows on the counter to hold myself up.  I am so tired all the time. I also find myself crying, not just because the knee hurts, but from frustration, but because I feel I am a burden and a disappointment.

Dr S understood, was very compassionate, and told me that chronic pain/inability to do usual activities is very wearing on the body and spirit, and how I felt was normal. 

Here’s hoping the 2nd round of SYNVISC will give me longer good result.

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Keito, still going strong!


“Hey! Where’s my dinner!”   If it wasn’t for him having to have an insulin shot after his morning feed, and having three scheduled feeds through the rest of the day instead of just two feeds and letting him graze on kibble, and the way he chases after “The Red Bug” aka laser dot, you wouldn’t know he was a 14yr old moggie with diabetes.  Vets have said his heart/liver/kidney/lung functions are fine. No sign of arthritis, sight and hearing is fine, and even his teeth are good conditon.


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This still irks me

RedFox AnyDVD HD – To me, this was a great shell game.

A year or so ago, ONE person left Slysoft, all the others stayed. 

Then Slysoft was ‘shut down’, then was reopened a nanosecond later as Redfox ‘Project’. Exactly the same software, slightly different logo (they only put a black mask on the Fox, I kid you not, that was all that was done). They insist they’re NEW company, but Slysoft forums still work, as does Slysoft software checking for updates. So yes, it was a name and possible location change, but they were no longer going to honor Slysoft license holders.

Here’s the rub: I had gotten the life time updates option for Slysoft.  ‘Redfox Project’ graciously offered a 20% discount for Slysoft lifetime license holders.

To me, this is like if the FORD company decided to rename to CORD, and every FORD owner was told their extended warranty, lemon laws, or contracts weren’t going to be honored.

I did end up getting the lifetime license again, as I do NOT do subscription software if I can avoid it.  Here’s hoping they don’t pull another shell game.

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The Babylon 5 Universe just got smaller.. again

Stephen Furst – “Vir Cotto” has died at age 63.


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The Vivid Sydney 2017 Festival


#VividSydney, #VividCanon ,  #VividToronga

Sydney Vivid - 2017

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