RIP Mr Nimoy

Such sad, but not unexpected news. Thank you for letting me be one of your ‘unofficial grandchildren’. RIP Grandpa. You truly “Lived Long and Prospered”.

Leonard Nimoy, the Beloved “Mr. Spock” in Star Trek, Dies at 83.

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You wouldn’t ask your dentist for free dental implants

But people see no problem with asking me to bring and use several thousands of dollars worth of photo equipment (cameras, lenses, lighting, cables, backdrops, stands, etc etc) and to do a job that would at the least cost $1500 for just the day, and to do it for nothing, or for a ‘photo credit’.


What’s even worse, it’s people who know better.

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Don’t make me angry.. you won’t like me when I’m angry


After week of feeding me copied and pasted bull$hit from the FAQs, that even though I had quoted their FAQs in my support ticket, I had enough of their non-support.  Here is my reply to yet another inane copy/paste from FAQ with another link to the full version to download.

I did all of this, I even tried it on a different computer, running Windows 8.1, fully updated, firewall shut off, anti virus shut off, malware protection shut off, and the problem of it not connecting to DirectorZone persists.
After weeks of uninstall, reinstalls, manual edits, manual searches, registry searches, then the week of trading messages with you telling me to do what I had already done time and again, I ended up saying f**k it and I downloaded the trial version of PhotoDirector 6, renamed the PhotoDirector5 folder, and launched PhotoDirector 6 via Media Suite interface.
Guess what? THAT one connects without a single problem. There is an inherent problem in PhotoDirector 5, as PhotoDirector 4 connected without issue, and now PhotoDirector 6 connects, I think you should give everyone who just purchased PD5 a free upgrade to PD6.
I have been a long time customer, and yes, I seem to have problems with your software (whenever an update gets applied, the program no longer functioning was my biggest bugbear which was remedied by downloading full version and installing, rather than using updates) and I highly doubt I will be updating/upgrading to any newer versions again.
I know I am not your only customer, but offering a Media Suite for what turns out to be outmoded versions of your programs (do you have ANY idea how pissed off I was when I thought I had gotten a good holiday bargain, only to get nothing but update, upgrade notices from within the programs?) , and with a history of updates that ended up bollixing the programs, resulting in having to either purchase the next version or not being able to work?
You, Cyberlink, are the undisputed champion of the “bait and switch”.

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Well, that was pointless

I posted something on a program makers “Facebook Page”, asking a question.   I get a reply the next day, to please go to their main site and submit a support ticket.

I dutifully point and click on over, copy and paste the exact question on their “Submit Support Ticket”, and clicked on “Submit”.

Today, I get notice that someone answered me.  Their answer is “No it doesn’t work with your browser (I know that) and there is no ETA as to when it will.”

Ok, riddle me this: was was so dastardly that the person on the FB site couldn’t have typed out “Sorry, we don’t support that browser at this time, and don’t have an ETA as to when we will”?

And on their survey, I pretty much told them exactly that.

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That precise moment..

When the pain medication kicks it, and you get that first ebbing of pain, it flows back but not as strong, and it ebbs again, comes back even weaker, you know it’s been beaten back this time. 

So there, Migraine wannabe, you are going away, and I didn’t throw up.

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Kind of warm day for gardening

But needed to be done. Got two bags of potting mix as I have two chili plants that need to be topped up. And one of the Geraldton Wax seedlings I rescued from a hole in a brick has more than tripled in size, so needed a new home.  I used the pot I used to have my star jasmine in (before that got too large for it).

After I transplanted it, I gave it a dose of SeaSol, and then watered it.   And when it’s larger again, I’ll get another large plastic pot, like the one the lime tree is in, and let it grow in that, trimming it to keep it short. Geraldton Wax Bonsai tree? Could be, could be.

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Oh great…

It rained just enough to turn the house into a freaking sauna.

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