Today could have started out a bit better

Last Friday, I had a ruptured epidermoid cyst bigger than a golf ball removed from my back, over the shoulderblade.  The follow up care/treatment was rather painful but necessary. My left arm has been rather useless as any movement hurts. I’ve had it in a sling to reduce the shock of impact when just walking. 

Yesterday, I went back for another follow up (the not so fun treatment was at an end) and the doctor said all is healing quite well, although it was still (in his words) “a mighty big hole”.   It was filled with a biogel that allows the wound to heal from the deepest part up, like a zipper and put a clear waterproof dressing over it. (look out shower! Here I come! No more basin baths. YAY!)

This morning, after daintily stepping around me since Friday, Loki decided to fall back on his old method of getting human up.  And of all the square feet of my, he managed to jump right on/near the surgical site.

Hurt like #%#$!@$#&.  Arm back in sling. Checked wound, and it’s ok, didn’t breech the dressing or cause damage.

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If you think that’ll work, you don’t know me at all

To all the ones thinking they’re ‘mansplaining’ things to me, in a very overt browbeating manner; rethink your methods. Insults, condescension, derision and misogynistic comments to, as if I am such a ‘delicate flar’ (say it with a southern accent) not wise in the ways of the world, puts your ‘mansplaining’ in the “Charlie Brown adults speaking” category, and I just tune you right the hell out.

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It finally arrived

The Orico USB 3 3.5” sata drive enclosure arrived today.  Unplugged the MediaSonic enclosure, dismantled it, and removed the hdd from it.  Put it in the Orico, sealed it up, plugged everything in.

Computer discovered it, loaded new drivers for the new enclosure.  Drive was momentarily visible in Explorer…. then it disappeared.

I saw it in Device Manager, in HDD Sentinel, and even crappy SeaGate Tools could see and test it, but it was missing from Disk Management and Windows Explorer.

So, I went down the check list:  removed it from device manager, and ‘scan for changes’. Still not visible.  Swapped ports.. still no joy.

*sigh*  Rebooted, checked BIOS.. all good. Continued to login, and TADA!

Will be sending the MediaSonic (marketed as Hotway Rock HDL-SU3B 3.5in USB3.0 External Enclosure in Australia) to the programmer of HDD Sentinel. Maybe he can figure out how to get it to report HDD data (errors, write failures etc etc) before a catastrophic failure happens so others can use them.

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Well, that was a fun weekend


Wing and I headed down to York, W.A. for a #CanonCollective Event, Astro-photography and some street photography. 

The weather didn’t play nice, and it was questionable whether or not we would have clear skies for shooting the Milkyway.  We ordered some food, and it took a long long time to arrive (kitchen was understaffed and overloaded at the same time. Bad combo) Some had already gone up to Mount Brown Lookout, but messaged back that it was cloudy and raining, so were returned to the hotel.

Our food arrived, we ate, and a group of use decided what the heck, go on up and give it a whirl.  We were elated to see we had clear skies. It only lasted less than an hour but it was enough!


Next morning, it started off bright and sunny… then devolved into rain.  We didn’t give up and managed to get some great indoor shots of local historical areas.





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That does not compute

I tried to login to Wacom site, as I have had an account there since my Bamboo tablet.

I kept getting invalid login. I tried different passwords, and still kept getting invalid passwords.   So, I clicked on the “Forgot Password” link and waited.

Nothing. Waited some more. Still nothing.

So, I sent them an email asking if accounts “expire” after a while.

I get reply that they moved their eStore to a different database and lost all the costumer details.

The part that doesn’t compute?  I’m still getting emails from them about sales at the eStore and specials at Wacom.

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Now that is customer service

My “Lady Jayne” hairbrush handle cracked.  I have a hair tie holding together right now. I have been looking for another one but it seems that the brush designs have changed.  

I called Lady Jayne company, and was put through to a very nice woman, Christine.  I explained the situation, about how I have really long hair, and finding the right brush is rather important. I described the brush and she suggested I take photos and send them to her in an email with my phone number included.  She gave me email address, and I have now done so.

She will be checking it, and let me know which new design has replaced mine.🙂

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The Babylon 5 Universe Shrinks Again


Jerry Doyle, Babylon 5 character “Garibaldi” dies at age 60.

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