You mess with ONE member of the Canon Collective

You mess with us all!

A @CanonCollective member had one of her photographs taken by someone by the name of Kenna Ploof, who then posted it as her own, attempting to sell it. 

Kenna had several different photography sales pages, all sporting a mix of some of her own images (she was in them, selfie sorts) and other images that weren’t hers, nor was she giving license to sell them.

The Collective has descended upon her, and so far she had deleted two Twitter accounts, a Redbubble account, a viewbug account, and changed her name to Tanya Goren on the gurushots website, but still showing the same stolen images as her own.  Other aliases are Kenna Leigh Photography (those sites seem to have evaporated, too)

You mess with one of us, you mess with us all!

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She was my hero, in so many ways, for so many reason.


R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher, the actress and writer best known for her iconic role as Star Wars’ Princess Leia, died days after suffering a heart attack while onboard a flight from London to Los Angeles. She was 60.

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:D Have a great one!

Happy Birthday  to TheRealStanLee !

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On1 Photo Raw and CS5

I know many people who do not want to ‘rent’ Adobe, and didn’t get CS6. On1 PhotoRaw 2017 doesn’t install to CS5, but I did manage to get it working with it. 

I have a legit copy of CS5 E on my computer. There is a function in On1 Photo Raw 2017 stand along that allows you to ‘punt’ a processed image into photo editing program, but sometimes you don’t want to have to save the image, and reopen it in the Standalone.

This was my solution.

I downloaded and installed trial version of CC (I have no intention of renting it after the trial date). I installed On1 Photo Raw.  It installed to the Photoshop CC but not (as expected) to CS5.  I started the Stand Alone Photo Raw, signed in. All good!

Then went to Adobe Photoshop CC directory, navigated to the Plugins folder, copied the On1 2017 folders to the CS5 plugin folder.

I was able to use all the features of On1 Photo Raw with CS5.

Not sure if you will have to keep the CC trial, unused, on your system to update On1, but fairly sure you will.  But nothing says you have to uninstall the trial if you choose to not have a membership, and as long as On1 ‘sees’ the newer version, you update On1 as the updates come along and just copy them over again.

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What I have discovered using Affinity for PC Software

Registax, Helicon or other focus stacking software isn’t a needed ‘extra’. I just did a 10 JPG image focus stack of the moon, and unlike many different versions of Photoshop that kept complaining not enough overlap, Affinity lined up each image, stacked them perfectly.



And the good news is that since Affinity is 64bit, you aren’t restricted to image size like in Registax, which is 32bit (it’s Freeware, and works wonderfully, but that 32bit limit can cause stacking failure) It imported and stacked 50 RAW files flawlessly. I watched as it stacked the image, bit by bit. No ghosts, no mis-aligned areas.

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On1 Photo Raw Pre-Release

Because Wing misunderstood, I feel I should clear this up, regarding On1 Photo Raw. (I’m using the Pre-Release, as I pre ordered. The ‘real’ version will be out soon) Even though you can do many edits/adjustments/processing with On1 Raw, you will want to use (still need to use) a photo editor. What On1 Raw allows you to do is use other versions of editing software. Example, Adobe Photoshop. You can do all you processing/adjustments/On1 Plugins in On1 Raw, then punt the processed JPG into earlier version of Photoshop. No more will you get the dreaded “Camera Raw Not supported” message.

You can now edit the images with all the RAW editing power of ACR and much more, and then finish it in the photo editor of your choice.

I tried sending them directly to Nik plugins via On1 Raw, but it Nik can’t save the changes so you need to use Photoshop or other program. I have sent On1 Raw edited image to Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC 32 and 64bit versions to use Photoshop plugins like NIK or Alienskin. Also sent images to Affinity for Windows, Corel PSP 6, 7, 8 and 9, and Zoner Photo Studio to finish edits testing other “Photoshop compatible” plugins. Some work, some don’t. Yes, there will a learning curve as there is using any new photo editing program. And Bonus, it works in earlier versions of Lightroom too. I have sent the On1 Photo Raw edited JPG into Lightroom 5x and 6x. No problem, so no need to ‘subscribe’ with Adobe to keep your photo raw editor up to date.

Imported to Lightroom 5x

Import as usual.

So, if you still have Photoshop CS2/3/4/5/6 (these are the ones I had to test), and earlier versions of Lightroom, and have a new camera that you get the PHOTOSHOP CANNOT OPEN THE FILE and don’t want to have to double up on storage space by having to use a DNG converter, or having to rent Photoshop, this is for you. Or if you want a Raw editor that is above and beyond Adobe Camera raw in functionality and editing power. As it’s still the pre-release, I haven’t tested if or how it does panoramas, yet, but you can apply On1 Raw adjustments over a group of photos you want to make into a panorama.

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Finally! Only took two tries.

I finally got a straight answer from MicroSoft in regards to getting my poor Vaio back to abby-normal Windows 8.1 after the disaster that was Win10 update.  All I needed was a new Windows 8 license key, because the Windows 10 disaster invalidated my current one, even with the roll back. After almost frying my computer, JM had the audacity to tell me that a new License key would be $40… Excuse me?

So, I  gave them my ASSURE info, then let my son Alan tell them the problem.So, Alan took over the keyboard and told them that the Win10 almost bricked my computer, took 3 hours to login to be able to roll it back, but I am still having persistent problems, and need a new OEM key to do a Repair Install (aka fixes specific issues without doing a factory reset) and that it was update to Win8 on the Vail was a digital download. 

Ta Da! New OEM key provided, and dling Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center! (not so much I need Media Center itself, but I need specific DLLs that allows other programs to work.

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