G’bye August.. Hello September

First off, Happy 1st Day of Spring (in the southern hemisphere)

I, for one, am not sorry to see the month of August is over. It’s not been a good month.  I caught the worst case of the flu I have had in more years than I can count. The cough was so hard and harsh, I ended up stretching/tearing a bit of cartilage that connects ribs to sternum.  The cough is still lingering, but not rib cracking any more.

Keito, our 12 yr old cat was sick, and because cats can hide illness until they’re almost on death’s door, we almost lost him.  Acute bladder blockage. He spent 9 days in vet hospital, 7 of those days in ICU, as he needed round the clock care. Problem resolved with surgery, and luckily, no kidney damage. Best way to describe the surgery: Keito is genetically male, but architecturally female when it comes to peeing. 

Next on this list (which I am listing in order of their occurrence) was my son, Alan, being brought to the ER due to abdominal pain.  It was thought to be a blockage of a different sort, so when there was no good resolution, he was admitted to the hospital. He called me and said the doctor on call wanted to do a laparoscopic exam. I told him to go for it. 

He was knocked out, and had the procedure… and it was a damned good thing he did, because it showed that he had a perforated appendix, and he was immediately wheeled into the O.R. and had it removed. He’s home, recovering.  Had to be on high dose of extremely strong antibiotics, which led to other issues.  He saw his GP and has some pro-biotics and other intestinal health items.

So, yes, I give the month of August a fare thee well wave, and hope that September is a better one.

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Went to a ‘show and tell’ about the Canon 5DS and 5DSr

I brought a list of questions to ask about the 5DS and 5dsr… and oddly enough, it’s not something I want or need. Nice piece of hardware, but for what I do, not of any use.

Larger megapixel sensor means it’s more sensitive to camera vibration. Since most of what I do isn’t studio, or landscapes or other tripod mounted shots (photographing birds, wildlife, street) tracking erratic flight of birds, if using 5DS/5DSr, it would cause a lot of sensor vibration, and screwed up shots.

Also, I asked “If I want a 50mp shot, I will take 4 photos, import them into layers, align them, blend them.”, and he honestly added that I would get the same results, but with studio work, you get that all in one photo. Fair enough, but I don’t often do studio work or landscapes.

After asking all the questions I had on my list it comes down to this: The new Canon 5DS and 5DSr are great pieces of hardware. But what I’ve got now does everything I want and more.

Finally got my hands on the new Canon 11-24.  Focuses surprising fast. Only got to use it indoors, though. Will have to hire it to try outdoors.

The 300mm Prime is ok, but I have 100-400. True, it’s ‘only’ an F4, but I am normally shooting at f/8 or above.

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More testing of the Kipon Canon Mount Adapter for MFT

I have been using the Kipon EF Mount Adapter on my Olympus EM1 using both the Canon 100-400mkII L f/4.5 and the Canon 70-200mkII L f/2.8 with interesting results.

I have found that of the lenses that Kipon didn’t test, the 100-400 performs better on speed of focus, and locking focus than the 70-200mkII. This includes when using 1.4xMkIII extender.

Lighting: HUGE thing they don’t mention is that you have to have nice bright ambient light to use autofocus, but need to switch to manual focus in dimmer light. I suggest using a flash if you have to do this.

Also, with or without the 1.4x extender, when using the 100-400, when zooming about 50 to 60% (200mm to 300mm) the image in the viewfinder goes dark, f stop misreads to 0.09. It does return normal when I get to the full 400mm zoom.

Focus Speed: Today, it was cloudy, rather dim ambient light. The 100-400mkII focusing speed is fractionally slower than using the Olympus Lens with the MFT adapter.  The 70-200mkII is extremely slower, if it would focus at all.

I think part of the problem with this is that it’s the “Mark One” adapter, mostly tested with older lenses. You have to really dig to find out which lenses were tested with this adapter before it was put out on the market. The older Canon L glass were tested as were the ‘kit’ lenses.  Who knows, maybe Mark Two will be address these issues.

Do not take this to mean it’s of no use.  For the price, it’s a great way to extend what lenses you can use with your MFTs kit.  Just remember, if you’re using the MkII lenses, make sure it’s nice and bright outside and expect it to be a bit slower to focus.

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What we had here was failure to communicate

Dana, council member, came out to examine the gumtree that shed a huge branch a few months back.  It was scheduled for pruning, with the promise that I would get the mulch, and my neighbor would get log sized branches.

Tree lopper came out, and was privvy about the arrangement, pruned the tree.

This morning, the chipping crew came out with nary a clue about the mulch/logs arrangement. They couldn’t cut the branches because last week, someone stole the chainsaw out from the truck during a job.

But never fear, they came up with a way. They fed the branches that were thicker than my forearm in backward, chipped away until it was log sized, and put it aside. They did this with many of them.

So, neighbor has firewood, and I have a HUGE pile of mulch. I have already spread out 5 wheelbarrows full. I am done as my left calf muscle is having nerve pain fits, and this activity is a bit much while I am still wheezing and coughing from this flu.

But it smells soooo nice!

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Kipon Mount Adapter for Canon EF

I put a crow bar into one of my savings accounts and purchased a Kipon Mount Adapater, so I could use the most excellent Canon L glass with the Olympus EM1 body.


I did notice that it is slower to focus than it would be on the Canon Body. I expected that, the same things happens when you use the Olympus 4/3 adapter on the MFT body.  What I didn’t expect that unlike when I use the 1.4x L adapter with the 100-400 mkII L, with the Kipon, there was no difference in the focus speed. IOWs it wasn’t any slower than using just the Kipon adapter. And unlike when you use the 7D2 with the 1.4x adapter, you don’t lose all the focus points, being ‘stuck’ with the center one ony.

What really surprised me is you don’t lose the autofocus when using the Canon 2xmkIII adapter, although it does become a bit ‘nose heavy’. I would suggest using a monopod when using the 100-400 with the 2x extender.

Image quality:  So far so good! I took many photos of the bees in the blossoming agave. The images are just as good, if not better, than when I used the Lumix 100-300 (Sorry, Panasonic), but I am using L Glass. 


Zooming in, clear sharp image.




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Had a bit of validation

Wing is now in the process of going through the flu I had.

He has the aches and chills, along with the cough. I walked into the bedroom, he looked up at me and in a croaky voice asked “How did you survive this?”

I’m feeling better, but no where near the ‘all better’ stage.  Keito is on the mend… miffed because we won’t take the ‘Cone of Shame’ off, or let him outside.  He’ll get over it.

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Great Flu Battle 2015

This bug is really nailing my ass to the floor. Wing has it, too, but it doesn’t seem as severe. Every part of my body that has had any trauma, or injury is throbbing like a bad tooth.

Note to self: no matter if Wing forgets, *I* will make sure we get flu jabs next year. I do NOT want to go through this again.

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