Keito’s not doing well

More like not quite right. He’s back to being ravenous all the time, and peeing where he shouldn’t.  I know diabetic cats have a problem with their bladders feeling over full, and having to empty it, but he went from doing well and normal, to constantly hungry, getting twitchy and getting glassy eyed. 

Have called the vet and made appointment for him.  They will be getting blood and urine samples, and a possible overnight stay for observation. 

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Even though OLW 0.6.3 or 0.6.2 doesn’t display the right WP Template

They are the only ones that will post to one of my blogs.  It’s kind of a pain.  Turns out I should have kept Office 2007 instead of upgrading to 2010 a while back, because you can’t connect or post to certain blogs with Word 2010, but can with 2007.  But Microsoft won’t allow two installation Office. I can edit Typepad entries with Semagic, but I can’t POST to Typepad with Semagic.

Why can’t programmers get together and cooperate?  Hell no, that is too much to ask for.

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What I learned last night:

I can’t get by taking only one lorazepam a day.

Last night, after only taking 1 tablet a few days, my right my leg would not stop kicking and twitching last night. I even felt my foot wanting to ‘curl’ under.

Felt pins and needles in my right palm, too. Took med about midnight, some time after 1 am, issues with leg and arm stopped and I was finally able to get to sleep.

Lesson learned. One in the morning, one in the afternoon to keep hemidystonia at bay.

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As if I really needed another reason to dislike Windows 10

Did I say dislike?  No, I mean LOATHE.

Windows 10 took into its programing to ‘scan’ two of my external drives.  One drive it wiped every file out of that in one directory of one drive, and then blew out the partition on another drive. 

I am currently on my Windows 7 drive, using data recovery software. So far, it’s found the missing partition and all the file. When the scan is complete, i will click on RECOVER, and that will be one problem fixed.

What gets me, is the drive with the folder wiped clean, reads as if those files are still taking space, so hopefully, they can be recovered, also.

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It was inevitable, I guess

Plodding through the last of the Windows 7 Cumulative updates. Started with 18 of them, been working my way through the list in chronological order.  I read people raving about Windows 10, how great it is, but I read even more people ranting about it, especially since many tried and true pieces of software are blocked from being used (unless you know how to get to the PowerShell or othersuch things to work your way around it)  

I threw in the towel for when it came to the Windows 7 updates.  Total Media Center was a helluva lot better than anything else out on the market now.  BUT the idiot company ‘forgot’ to pay Dolby their royalties, and further development came to a halt. That media center is what kept me from installing the Quarterly Roll Ups, because it would disable TMT.  But alas, all good things must come to an end, whether you like it or not.  I’ve had a few hiccups and glitches after updating Win 7 (my Hotkey program isn’t loading at start up, but I can start it afterward. Might just need reinstalling to fix whatever the updating has screwed up)

Once I get Win 7 set to rights, then comes the fun part. Finding a way to get %#$#$$% Windows 10 to update like it’s supposed to WITHOUT having to ‘refresh’, as some software I have is charged per installation, not per machine. And let me tell you, that really sucks.  And when I get fed up with the nagging nannyware of Windows 10, I will hie on back to Windows 7.

Hurray, for the dual boot system.

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Poor Loki

He’s resorting to sleeping on my foot.  Since I had the total knee replacement, I can’t cross my left ankle to the top of my right knee, because the right knee hurts when I do that.  And I can’t flex the right knee enough to  rest my right ankle on my left knee. 

He used to sleep on my lap, using my dress as a hammock, but now he has to resort to sleeping on my foot.  And now my foot is asleep, but I’m not going to move him.

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A moment of silence

For our 19 year old refrigerator.  Luckily I noticed it before everything in the freezer thawed. It was the the small turkey I got last weekend that was frozen that kept most of what was in the freezer frozen. 

Measured the how wide and deep the now dead fridge was, then headed out to Fridge and Washer City.  This time, I was in the market for one with the freezer on the bottom. Armed with measuring tape, and reading labels, I selected on that was exactly what I wanted.  I asked if it could be delivered today, as I had insulin and other medications in need of refrigeration (I put them in a small insulated lunch box, with some semi thawed ice packs to keep them cool).  Was told it could be, and they would take the old one.  Worked for me! Made the credit card temporarily smoke by paying for it.

Alan and I went home, and started offloading what was in the freezer into an ‘esky’ aka cooler. We packed everything we could around the turkey.  Then we went to the fridge.  Yuck.  The smell of things that went off combined to create a really nasty smell.  While we were cleaning that out, the new fridge arrived. We weren’t done yet, so we busted out butts getting everything out, sorted, packed or tossed.

Talk about an intense 30 minute work out!  I am sore… Tramadol sore. This is the first time in months I have needed the prescription pain meds.

Wing said he would cook tonight. Gawd, I Love that man. He’s also bringing home some 3M sticky tabs so we can re-hang the cooking utensils on the side of the fridge.


Did I mention I was sore?  Oh yeah, I did.

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