Short of anything untoward happening

I am finished with Physiotherapist. I do have a ‘penciled in’ appointment for the 3rd of January, but unless there’s something wrong, or goes wrong, I probably won’t need.

The Shin Cramps: turns out the cramping is because of properly walking heel to toe. The muscle along the tibia is getting a work out, and it’s not so much cramping, but just angry muscle from being used correctly.  Matt did some acupuncture on the area, and it was funny watching the needles vibrate as the muscle complained, then settled down.  Instructed to ‘roll a tennis ball’ firmly over the area. Also, if I lift the foot, and allow the leg to just dangle a bit, the pain/cramp subsides.

I also asked Matt about how much time it’s taking, as a few people claimed that in two or three weeks, relatives/friends with total knee replacements were out doing stuff like mountain climbing and hiking. He slowly shook his head, and said “Not a chance. Takes 6 to 8 weeks for the surgical incision to heal. Mountain climbing or hiking would tear it open after two or three weeks.”  MAYBE if what they had was laproscopic, but even then, the surgeons instructions would be minimum of 4 to 6 weeks. He also said that my recovery is well beyond average.

So, I can keep doing the rehab exercises as needed (yes, I need them in the morning as the knee/leg is typically quite stiff), and then have occasional reviews with Matt and Mr Skinner, but for all intents I’ve been set free!

I still have a ways to go, but it will be done by daily living now.

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3 Months post op

Mr S is very pleased with my recovery, even though I am frustrated.  He said I was being to hard on myself, and the fact that I am at what it normally takes 6 months to get to at 3 months shows all the hard work and effort I’ve put into  my recovery. 

He was a bit concerned about how the surgical scar has turned into a keloid scar.  It’s much thicker, and more livid than he would like. I showed him other scars I had that were from deep cuts, and although they are faded, they are also keloid scars.  There is a treatment for it, and if it doesn’t work, it can lessened with laser treatment.  (On an aside, the reason I have such good skin is the same reason for the keloid scarring.. a goodly amount of collagen.) 

The knee is stable, the leg bends only a half a centimeter less than the uninjured knee now.  And I am developing strength back into the leg. Also lost another 2kgs.

The hypersensitive spot on my knee, just keep rubbing it. It will settle down.  As will the involuntary twitching of the leg.  I told Mr S that I have been having trouble sleeping, and although that is normal, he was concerned how often it was happening. It’s because of the pharmaceuticals.

Medications: turned out that the last prescriptions I got were slightly screwed up.  I wasn’t given one of them, the slow release version, which is why I have been having shitty nights sleeping because of pain. The only one they filled was the quick release one, which would wear off in the middle of the night. This was rectified and I now have the correct dose of the correct medication.

I was sent home with an admonition. Even though my knee/leg feels better, do NOT overdo it.  I’ve recovered well above average, and I don’t need to muck it all up by doing too much, and screwing it all up.

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Matt the physio has recommended I not use crutches, unless heading somewhere there is a lot of people, then use both of them as a visual cue to people that there is a reason I am walking slowly. He told me I have to learn to trust the new knee. I have to break myself of the habit of leaning towards the left, and start putting equal weight on the right leg. Wing and I went for a bit of a walk at the pet store, and the shops. And I’m “Post Physio Visit” sore as usual. Should pass in a day or so.

Also showed him my right hand, the one I fell on when I was in Denmark two years ago.  After examining it, he said I had sustained a scaphoid fracture.  The only thing that could’ve been done for it, was what I did for it. Wear a wrist brace to limit movement.

I see Mr Skinner next week for my 12 week post op check up. 

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Two weeks off for good or bad behavior

Saw Matt, the physio/nicest sadist ever.  I can bend my knee to 120 degrees unassisted. I showed him that my left leg, the uninjured one, and the right knee both bent back the same amount.  Then I showed him how I could put my feet, sole to sole, with knees bent.  He agreed that I might be as far as I can go for now, but for 11 weeks post op, it’s excellent recuperation.  I have been told to leave the crutches home, unless I go to a crowded area. Not so much for my need, but the need of a visual cue for those who think I am walking too slow for their liking.

But now we have to work on the tendons on the right side of the knee and calf. It’s not stretching enough to be able to lay my leg flat. I have been sent home with new exercises.  I will keep up doing the ones I have been doing, as they will keep my progress heading in the right direction.

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Just because you don’t like the answer doesn’t mean it’s wrong

A guy made an announcement on an Olympus users page, to not use the Panasonic 100-400 lens, as it would grind and cause metal shavings.  I told him we had tried that very lens on 3 different Olympus M43 cameras without any problems.  I even got one for my birthday.

I told him I even bought the ex demo, showed him photos as proof that there was no problem metal shavings when mounting the lens.

He then said he tried several of them, and they all did the same thing.

I replied that if the same thing happened with several of the same make and model lens, the problem is more than likely the mount on his camera body, NOT the Panasonic lenses.

He was not happy with that.

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Another learning moment

Standing around, not walking, makes my knee very painful the next day, more painful than if I had been walking around the same amount of time.

Wing and I headed into Camera Electronic, and got my birthday present. We were in the store a little over an hour, most of the time just standing in place

Then, I forgot to take anti-inflammatory/pain meds before going to bed.  Up at 4am with very sore knee.  Lesson learned.

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Out with the old, and not so old, too.

The past few weeks Wing and I have been doing massive ‘spring cleaning’, rather like a small version of “The bonfire of the vanities” type. Going through closets/cupboards/bookcases/nooks/corners and sorting, dusting, and throwing a lot out.

We have never been the type to keep something just for the sake of keeping something. I had been giving so much stuff away and selling things cheap, that I had gotten concerned for my well being emails (rest assured, wasn’t planning on doing something to myself, just unloaded things that were in good to excellent condition, but wasn’t being used)

What was funny, though, is when Loki came out of my office, and stopped dead in his tracks, crouched down slightly and started looking around.  Yes, we changed his known universe without consulting him. *laughing*

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