Audible.. WTF??

I have been trying to get the 2 Books for One credit special going on at Audible the past few days. I kept running into errors during the purchase. Either “You already own this title”, or “Not Authorized to sell this”.  It would depend if I refreshed the browser (I tried Chrome, IE, Firefox) and kept getting the erroneous messages.

So, I finally contacted Audible support. Of course I was run through the obstacle course of “do this, do that” that I had already been doing for the past two days, only to be told that they know about this error, and it will be solved in 24 to 48 hours, and I can buy them after it’s fixed.

Uhhh, the 2 for 1 special runs out in 5 hours, meaning I will be paying full price.

Good scam, Audible.

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Yet another great software tanks itself

But in a very underhanded and sneaky way.

Siber Systems AI RoboForm password manager.  I have been using it for years, and it has saved logins, generated passwords, without fail. 

The latest update; to say it’s a disappointment is an understatement.  Although the new interface is ‘prettier’, and it saves passwords, too, they sneaked something into it.  I have been using two licenses for two different computers (a laptop and a desktop) for what was the latest version of RoboForm Desktop Pro, v7x.  When you get the notice there’s an update, what they don’t inform you is that there is no longer a standalone Pro user, but subscription only, for the convenience of ‘syncing’ your data between more than one computer.

But what if you don’t want, or have any use for this feature?  Sure, you can keep using Roboform, but you will get constant nag screens that your ‘trial’ has expired and to upgrade.  They claim it’s only once in a while, but so far, I get the nag twice a day. Once when I logon to the computer, and at some random time throughout the day.  If I leave my system running overnight (full system scan for malware or other problems) the nag screen to upgrade will show up.

This continual nagging is nothing short of bullying. I have read in forums that Roboform’s nag screen has gotten to be such an annoyance, that people pay the $20 ransom just to make it stop!  Shades of “Gimme your lunch money and I’ll stop picking on you.”  How so very grade school of their company.

So, unless you enjoy having software that bullies/nags you to update to get a feature you don’t want or need, stick with your version 7x of AI Roboform.

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Back to being tired of being tired

Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve been getting between 4 to 6 hours of sleep a night if lucky.  I got up this morning, and I admit it, I lost it. Weeks of sleep deprivation, and surgery recovery, car accident recovery had me angry and crying.  I try to go to bed early.. seriously, I try. But it seems that everyone wants to come in and talk, get the cats riled up, or just keeping me awake.

Last weekend, I managed to get 8 hours, and what I noticed was my knees didn’t hurt when I got up. That is because I was horizontal and off my feet. This morning, after 4 hrs 17 minutes, my knees are sore and stiff.  And I’m yawning non-stop. 

A nap? No, once I’m up, I’m awake. And sleeping during the day will just reinforce my not sleeping through the night.

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Noticeable RE-recovery

7+ months total knee replacement post op, and 2 months after the car accident where my knees impacted on the dashboard.  The swelling is just about gone, and  pivoting or walking sideways, the left knee doesn’t make me come to a screeching halt, gasping in pain.

I would say I’m back to where I was 6 months post op. Only taking the anti-inflammatory in the morning, and occasional OTC strength paracetamol/ibuprofen if needed (aka I over did it).  Still have the prescription strength, but just going to shelve those.

Now, I just have to make sure that just because I feel better, that I don’t over do it.  I would rather take a bit of care now, and not have another setback.

I find it so shocking at how people in the U.S. are given pain management medication for just a few weeks, 4 if they’re lucky.  Why won’t the doctors prescribe the kind that can’t be used to get stoned?  No withdrawal when I stopped taking them after 3 months. 

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Someone emailed me asking for step by step

With photos after installing/copying On1 to CS5.

After you’ve installed CC, and On1PhotoRaw, copy the plugins to CS5 Plugin directory/folder.

Launch On1PhotoRaw.

It will start in the BROWSE module. Select the image you want edit/develop. When you’re finished with your edits, click on EXPORT on the bottom right

A O1 CS5 00

Export as high res jpg.  Skip the ‘show in explorer’. You won’t really need that.

O1 CS5 0.0


After the export has finished, go back to the BROWSE module.  Right click on your edited JPG and select SEND TO Photoshop CS5 12 (if you haven’t selected CS5 yet, go to Send To Other Application. Once you’ve selected CS5, it will remain in the drop down list) . As you can see, this image was taken with Canon 5D4, so CS5 wouldn’t have been able to open the CR2/RAW file.

O1 Cs5 01

CS5 will start.

O1 CS5 03

You can then use O1PhotoRaw Effects and Develop in CS5

O1 CS5 04

O1 CS5 05

Edited Image:


Thanks for stoppin’ by. Hope this clears things up!

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I was Over-thinking it

Easier way to use On1PhotoRaw 2018 with Photoshop CS5.

Yes, still install trial version of CC, but don’t subscribe , and leave it on  your system, as the TOS says nothing about removing it if you aren’t going to use it. (I know, I read the entire boring thing) Install On1PhotoRaw 2018. It won’t install the plugins to CS5, so you have to copy all the plugins from CC plugins directory to the CS5 plugins directory.

Don’t even bother with Adobe Bridge. This way you will avoid the “can’t open javascript missing” error I posted about earlier, thereby using all the On1 Plugins. Use On1PhotoRaw only.  If you really want to use Bridge, open it by using a short cut. But you won’t really need to.

Instead, using On1PhotoRaw as you would bridge. It will open on Browse module. Go into the develop, do whatever you want or need to do, then go to the bottom right corner of On1 and select EXPORT. It will automatically default to the folder/directory the RAW image was opened. Don’t bother with any of the presets at this time, with the exception of may not having it open the directory it was saved to. Export it as a full sized, high res JPG. 

Go back to the BROWSE module. Right click on your JPG, select SEND TO OTHER APPLICATION, and navigate to the CS5 Photoshop.exe file.  Do this once, and CS5 will be listed in the drop down menu.  Then when you click on Photoshop CS5 12, select ORIGINAL image, because you’ve already done all the edits. It will open in CS5, and you can use all your familiar Photoshop tools and plugins, and use all the new On1photoRaw plugins too, although I do have a problem when I try to use the RESIZE plugin in CS5.

So, your CS5 Bridge might not be able to read the newer Camera Raw formats, but On1PhotoRaw can.

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Since when?

I have been getting an odd message when I send certain emails with Forte Agent.  And I scoured the internet for about a week, looking for a solution. Didn’t find one, so did what any person would have done.

I submitted a support request.

To say I was shocked at the reply is an understatement.

Hello Sandra,

Sorry, I haven’t seen this error message before so I am unable to help you and unfortunately we no longer provide second level support.

You could try posting your question on the following group: alt.usenet.offline-reader.forte-agent

Regards, A** B***

Agent Team

My reply:

Yes, it is unfortunate. And rather shocking, as I have gotten tech support for other issues with Forte Agent. Nor did I ever receive any notice (and you have my email address) regarding this. Rather shoddy on Forte’s part.

I don’t subscribe to any Usenet services. I’ve used Forte Agent since v3x or what it 2x, and this is the first time I have heard that you no longer provide tech support for your own software. As someone who used to provide tech support, I find this rather… well, insert any term you want.

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