The Final Stages of "The Beast" set up

Everything is up and running as it should. One thing won’t update, Windows Explorer 11.  Oddly enough, when I tried to update it via downloading the update file, doing a clean boot with updating services enabled, I got message that the update didn’t apply to my system.  Fine, I hid that update, and IE doesn’t trip my trigger.

Right now, I’m performing a full system scan for viruses and malware. And when that is done… then comes the fun part (part two). Using Samsung Migration tool, move the OS to the 1tb SSD, leaving program files on the 2tb, moving some that I might want to run faster onto the SSD.

Zinstall was mostly to make a full system back up that would migrate to a new system. Now time for the final stage. Good thing about this, i can refresh windows installation without mucking up the data.

I have to give a shout out to On1 and Intelligent Imaging Solutions.  Their quick response, and patience helped to get things up and running very quickly, with minimal time loss.

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Once more unto the breach…

aka data migration, 2nd attempt.

After sending diagnostic reports to Zinstall and my trading emails, they called me (gawd I wish they would pay attention to the time difference. I clearly stated UTC +8 Perth) but they told me that disabling Malwarebytes isn’t good enough, that it has to be uninstalled. Also, even though it’s not running, the AVG toolbar included in Google Chrome would also interfere with a clean data migration.

So, started Zinstall, letting it run overnight and  made a new container/image with no anti virus/spyware running. Then last night, I started Zinstall migration. Since I have it on an external USB drive it’s taking longer. Currently at 22% done.

So, on my Vaio, but this time I have external HDMI monitor hooked up. Yes,my workflow is so ingrained, I hooked up monitor to the laptop.

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How’s this for a convoluted solution?

Ok, for some odd reason, CS6 won’t kicks back all Camera Raw files as not the right kind of document.  And OnOne PhotoSuite 9 keeps erroring out with a strange code (have forwared it to OnOne)

CS6 64bit Bridge isn’t reading Camera Raw files, but CS6 32bit does.

So, for now, until the problem is actually fixed the workflow is as follows.

Open Photoshop CS6

Open Bridge CS6 32bit

Open Raw image by right clicking “Open in Camera Raw”

Make Adjustments in ACR.

Save file as Jpg from ACR.

Open file in Photoshop, and use PhotoSuite version 8.

Yeah, a bit finicky but it will keep me working until this is figured out.

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Well, Zinstall worked.. I think

Sort of.

It seems to have migrated the data over, but I have already had a few hiccups.  Adobe Photoshop CS6 is grouching that I am past my trial period, and giving me “Can not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document” when it comes to CR2 files. BUT CS5 isn’t having a problem.  So, looked at About Plugins and noticed that ACR isn’t listed. Oy.  Easy fix.

Actually much of what will probably have to be done will have to wait until I have it set up in here proper.  And then this computer will be boxed up and put away.  And I will be keeping the image file on a small external drive.

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Migration at 40%

Although it seems it’s taking so long to migrate the image file to the external SSD I have hooked up, I know that it would have taken a helluva lot longer to have had to deactivate, reinstall, reboot over and over.  Weeks before I had everything up and running the same.  My only problem might be some software that was on sale for a special price, might not work on the new computer.  If not, I will send email off to the vendors in hopes they will rectify the situation.

It’s been a while since I’ve used my laptop for an extended time. I also think I got a bit spoiled with the dual monitors.  I got so accustomed to multitasking that I find it difficult to do it on a single screen.  heh

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I am SO glad I still have CS5 on my computer

Why?  Because some stupid idiot at Adobe thought that updating the update checker should overwrite/take over for the CS6 Adobe Application Manager with their overbloated Creative Cloud update checker and then not have the %#$%$$^#%%# thing NOT work when you click on Update.

So right now, by way of CS5/Updates The Adobe Application Manager is working, downloading the same files that that asinine ‘Creative Cloud’ won’t.

And for all those that think I am requesting assistance, think again. I already did all the rigamarole and it didn’t work.

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Day 3 of ‘counting steps’

Although I have been ‘lapping’ the back yard, I had no way of keeping track of what I was doing, or progress, so installed a pedometer app on my phone.  I also have audio books installed so I don’t get bored and stop too soon.

The only problem is this: I don’t always keep my phone on me, so making sure I get X number in each day, not just during when I do the laps is a bit problematical.  Now, I do the laps at a quick clip, to increase heart rate and respiration and to maintain the elevated rate.  I will slow down if I find my left leg going all ‘jelly’ on me, and when it stops feeling as if I am dragging, the speed goes back up. When I find that slowing down doesn’t stop the jelly leg feeling, I walk slowly to cool down, and then come back in.

Still find it funny that I can feel the muscles in my right quads twitch when I’m done, but nothing in the left leg.

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