Maybe I shouldn’t have done it.. ow

I saw the crystal clear skies, looked at my EQ5 mounted telescope. I put my shoulder under it and test lifted it. Too heavy

So, I looked at the old lightweight EQ3 mount.  I had to do a bit of rigging (the bolts  to hold the plate to the mount and the knob for the inclination seem to be the only things missing from all the parts I put away). I used cable ties, and it worked. 

So, brought telescope outside. Wasn’t too heavy, but I would have been better off with an Alt/AZM because after all the disuse, the finderscope was off and I just could not get Jupiter into view.  I tried, and tried, and tried.

All I got out of it was a sore lower back, lots of ant bites on my feet (little bastards crawl into your shoes) and a lot of disappointment.  😦

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Dear ‘Adults’

Could you please stop your children/grandchildren/children under you care from chasing the birds in the park. 

Not just because your child ruined my photos by running at them, but also how dangerous it can be.

Had your child done that to the two adult magpies, not corellas,  there is a good chance the magpies would have gone after her. And of *course* you would blame the magpies, right?

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Leftover legacy of Windows 10 upgrade failure

One of the pre-installed Sony utilities on my computer, a Sony VAIO, isn’t working quite right.  I have asked Sony Support about it and after nothing in the way of support, their brilliant idea is for me to take a perfectly functioning, except for Sony VAIO CARE, computer, reformat it and start over from scratch.   They didn’t even bother to answer me when I asked “Will uninstalling VAIO Care and reinstalling it fix this problem?” 

No, they didn’t answer that, and just said format the drive.

Not only no, but hell no.

I know that SONY unloaded their PC/Laptop division, and that explains their lackluster support of items they sold prior to selling off to JIP.

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There might have been a ‘press release’

But I, a registered Sony Vaio owner, never got an email or memo about it.

Seems that Sony has unloaded their PC/Laptop division and will be concentrating on Smartphones and other smaller devices.  No wonder they haven’t been very helpful in regards to assisting with problems with my Vaio.

I guess what that means is I just use this laptop until I run it into the ground.

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Monday.. just another day of the week that ends in Y

So, another word that ends in the letter Y is early and laundry.

Woke up early, saw what was the start of a great sunrise. But it fizzled to ‘meh’. Decided to record the bird song instead. The melodious sounds are the reason we really don’t need an alarm clock.

Laundry. Wing had a full suitcase of ‘living out of suitcase’ dirty clothes. Shall we say they were umm fragrant. Last load in the washer, now.

Updating my desktop wallpaper slide show. I am replacing some of the lunar photos I took with the 550D with ones taken more recently. Amazing what I thought was a cracking good shot 6 years ago, to now. Both skill and better photo gear played a part in the images. Still keeping the sunrise photo, and the ones I got from NASA.

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Out with the old.. and some of the new

Wing has been away on a business conference for the past few days, and I have taken the opportunity to get some serious cleaning done. I don’t mean vacuuming and dusting, I mean emptying closets, pulling things out of corners, sorting through it and throwing the majority of it away.

I feel if you keep things just for the sake of keeping them, you end up being a slave to them.  Plus it clutters up your living area.

Have to stop because I filled the rubbish bin, which was emptied this morning and I have enough to fill it half way again.  Have to leave space/room for regular household trash.

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Ziggy is training me well

Two paws on my shoulder, and a YOWL means “I need to use outdoor sandbox!” 

Head snog/head boop on my shoulder means “Treats, please?” 

Head snog/head boop on arm and should, combined with meow means “Hungry!”

Meow from the cushion on the sofa means “Cuddle/petting time, please.” 

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