Finally! Only took two tries.

I finally got a straight answer from MicroSoft in regards to getting my poor Vaio back to abby-normal Windows 8.1 after the disaster that was Win10 update.  All I needed was a new Windows 8 license key, because the Windows 10 disaster invalidated my current one, even with the roll back. After almost frying my computer, JM had the audacity to tell me that a new License key would be $40… Excuse me?

So, I  gave them my ASSURE info, then let my son Alan tell them the problem.So, Alan took over the keyboard and told them that the Win10 almost bricked my computer, took 3 hours to login to be able to roll it back, but I am still having persistent problems, and need a new OEM key to do a Repair Install (aka fixes specific issues without doing a factory reset) and that it was update to Win8 on the Vail was a digital download. 

Ta Da! New OEM key provided, and dling Windows 8.1 Pro with Windows Media Center! (not so much I need Media Center itself, but I need specific DLLs that allows other programs to work.

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That’s a relief

It’s a small expense, but beats what it could have been.  Turns out the desktops’  power supply is the issue.  Alan checked it out, tested it, and the power supply on my desktop is kaput!   The good news is, is that that is the simplest easiest fix in regards to the inside of a computer.

And, as much as the issues with the Vaio irk me, I am so glad I have it. 

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Get up this morning, get the the purrkids fed, get the coffee started, take care of feline toileting receptacles.

Boot up computer…. or should I say press power button.  *Click* nothing.  Check to see if Ziggy managed to unplug something. Shut off master switch, depress power button for 30 seconds, discharging any residual electricity.  Press power button.  *Click*

My bet (and hope) is that the same thing that took out the motherboard/cpu a while back, weakened the power supply and it just went.

Will have Alan test it out when he gets up.  Using Sony VAIO with all USB hubs plugged in. Will have to do the ‘Dance of the HDs” on occasion, but I can deal with that

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Now isn’t that interesting

I think Zoner Photo Studio is regretting their decision to emulate Adobe’s ‘rent our software’ business model.

Just got a newsletter email that they’re offering 8 months free.  No sale, ZPS!  Told you, if you decide to have a standalone version, fine, but I do NOT rent software.

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Canon 5DmkIV

Over the past few days, I have been putting the new Canon 5DmkIV to the test. And for the most part, I will have to say it’s passed with flying colors.

It isn’t made for sports or fast action photography, or wildlife photography, but you know something?  I was able to track and photograph birds flying overhead, with amazing accuracy.  With the high speed continuous shutter not being as loud as its’ predecessor, it can be used for wildlife photography without scaring away your subjects, most of the time (there are always some that are camera shy). 

Over the weekend, I used the 5D4 at the Perth Zoo (not many moving subjects) and at Herdsman Lake, in Selby, where there were a lot of moving subjects.

Perth Zoo:

Silver Gull doing a flyby – The AF tracking kept the gull in focus

AF focusing, AI Servo mode, kept the dragonfly, in flight, in focus.

Auto ISO works a treat, and the new sensor; even in shady conditions, you don’t get excessive noise.

Details, sharpness and better dynamic resolution.

Herdsman Lake:

AI Servo Auto Focus Tracking keeps the running Purple Swamphen in focus.

Tracking a Kite overhead, the 5D4 kept the subject in focus.

Nankeen Night Heron coming in for a landing.

Straight from camera, the dynamic range is heads and shoulder above the 5D4’s previous incarnations.

To sum up: it’s not just a few extra tweaks or a new coat of paint. Many of the above shots I would not have been able to do with the 5D3. Not saying the 5D3 is a bad camera, but it’s successor is just that much better.

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On1 Photo RAW 2017–First Impressions

No longer will you be saddled with Adobe Camera Raw popup telling your version of Photoshop that the file format is unknown. 

To use it as a plugin for photoshop you do need version C6 and above.

That being typed, make sure you already have your earlier version of photoshop up and running CS5 (which I did) then On1 Raw 2017 stand alone, do all your edits/adjustments in On1, right click on image and “Send to Photoshop” and it will open as a 16bit PSD with all your edits and adjustments.  Not sure if this worked because I have CS6 and Trial CC installed.  If so, leave the trial CC installed, and keep using CS5.😀 Or just scroll down and select “Send to other application” and select your version of Photoshop, or other photo editing software.

This was just a quick On1 Raw edit, with some tweaks to dynamic contrast, and a bit of sky enhancing.

Remember, one of the biggest reasons people started ‘renting’ Creative Cloud was because of no Camera Raw support for new cameras except for CC.  With On1Raw you don’t have to worry about having to convert everything over to DNGs, doubling your storage needs (unless you delete the CR2/ORF/RAW etc etc files after converting)

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Canon 5DmkIV, first impression

First off, even with the new features and buttons, the Canon 5DmkIV is familiar enough to use straight out of the box. Got things set up, and then read some (not all) of the manual.

4 images, BIRDS ON A STICK! lens correction done, cropped down to main subject for close viewing, no other editing.


The Good

1: Handles higher ISOs wonderfully.  I shot these photos at ISO 800, one in direct sunlight, one in partial shading and two in full shade.  I didn’t run any noise reduction, either in camera or in post. No noise worth mentioning at all.

The Good part II.

2: Sensor is MAD with details!  Even in shots #2 and 3 which are in shadow, the fine details in the feathers and on the twigs is clearly visible. Dynamic range is much better than its predecessor.

The good thing this is good because the other is just ok.

3: The high speed continuous shutter speed is a helluva lot quieter in the 5D4 compared to the 5D3 or the 7D2, and faster than the 5D3. This is a good thing, because the low speed silent continuous is slow. And I mean s..l..o..w.  That being typed, with the high speed continuous nowhere near as noisy as in previous or different Canon models, it can be used if you need a faster frame rate, but still want to remain rather quiet.

Now, I have only had it for a few hours, reading the manual, setting it up and will have a more detailed review after some serious use.

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