I really didn’t want to do this

But “Doctors Without Borders” keeps calling me and asking me to increase the amount of the monthly donation.

I have told them over and over, that no, not happening, but they keep calling and wheedling. 

So, what I did was create an “Auto Reject” caller list and have put them on it.    *sigh*  At least I didn’t tell em to FOAD and cancel my current donation amount.

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Will happen once in my lifetime

March 14, 2015 and at 9:26:53

3.141592653 = Π

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First Fruits

After treating my chili tree, successfully it seems, for woolly aphids, here are the first two ripe chilies from it. Don’t let the small size of these fool you, one of these can boost a pot of chili from 2 burner to 3 burner.

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So, what DO you want to call it?

I’ve been reading, and shaking my head at, commentary from people making excuses for the stunts the Republicans have been pulling. I don’t mean the constant obstructionism they have been practicing since almost before President Elect Obama was sworn in, the 50+ APPEAL OBAMACARE even if it screws over millions of people.

I mean inviting the leader of one foreign country to speak on the floor of Congress, to dictate foreign policy, in an effort to undermine a twice duly elected president.

Then, this same group of fools write an open letter to the leader of yet another country, in blatant violation of the Logan Act… a FELONY. They tell the leader of a country to disarm nuclear weapons.. THAT THEY DON’T HAVE! And they insult him with a dose of condescension that made me grind my teeth. Are they TRYING to start a war? I know they are chickenhawks, and like to send OTHER people’s children off to die for oil, but to do so so blatantly?

Next: they blame President Obama for their actions. Hello, Republicans.. I’m from Earth. Ever been there?

Do these people say to these Republicans what they have done is not only wrong, but illegal? No, they get annoyed when the word TREASON is applied to the writers of this letter, and inviters of Bibi. Not so much Bibi, but Republicans using his speaking in Congress to dictate policy.

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Jupiter and 4 Galilean Moons

Handheld Canon 7DmkII, Sigma 150-500,  Kenko 1.4x extender.


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First off, a thank you

A thank you to Stevo for his efforts…

Last year, a friend borrowed my “Welcome to Paradox SciFi Original Series” box set, and then never returned it. When I asked about it, I was told it had never been borrowed.

So, I went in search of it online, and it turns out that because of the sound track, there were copyright issues and places that had sold it before no longer did.

That left me looking for used. Twice, I got burned by people who claimed it was original discs, only to find they were bootlegged, some just recorded from TV airings, with station logos on them.

I checked ebay. No joy there either… until today. I just on the off chance typed in “Welcome to paradox box set” again, and TA DA! 

To quote seagulls on FINDING NEMO.. MINE!

Again, thank you Stevo for what you did for me earlier this year.

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Cat Conversations

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