I declare Monday "The Menagerie Day"

With the help of Alan, the cats’ food and water dishes have been scrubbed and refilled. Their sandboxes cleaned and refilled.

I went outside, took down, scrubbed and refilled the hummingbird feeders.  I had a chorus of Wattlebirds, and at least two varieties of honey-eaters while I worked.  When I was finished I counted 5 adult (young and resident) Red Wattlebirds, and I heard the unmistakable sound coming from the Jacaranda tree of a young fledgling Red Wattlebird begging to be fed.

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Windows 10 or not to Windows 10…

Simplest answer.. yes and no.

My Windows 7 box works great. As long as I don’t install those “Quality Rollups”. I do keep on top malicious software/malware definitions, but I’m fed up with Microsoft disabling what they deem is outdated software.  I also have ‘legacy’ hardware that Windows 10 will not even recognize, and there are no drivers for said hardware/devices.

But many things will not function unless I’m running Windows 10.

So, my solution is this: I’m getting a 500gb hdd, and I will install Windows 10 on it, and create a dual boot system.

I’m quite sure some of my programs will be migrated, or duplicated on the Win10 drive, but I will treat it like a really buff “Virtual Machine”.

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Back to the sort of beginning?

It’s no secret that I have been recovering from a total knee replacement (chromium cobalt, no less!) had a few setbacks during rehab (my fault for overdoing it) and one helluva set back when an L Plater t-boned us on the passenger side of the car (three guesses which side I was sitting on) No injuries needing hospitalizing, but did have MRI on head and neck, and xray of left knee.  No fractures..yay.  Bruised and sore, boo hiss. Mild concussion means on and off headaches.

I would say today I am almost back to where I was prior to the car accident. Left knee is still sore, but manageable with just panadol and ibuprofen combined. Right knee, the chromium knee, is back to just feeling ‘thick and heavy’ (I’ve been told this is normal)

The forced inactivity has been a bit wearing. The not sleeping is really a downer. Being tired all the time.. not fun. (Here it is, 10am and I’m already yawning.)

My stationary bike and I are getting reacquainted since the car accident. Have to take it slowly, 10 mins, and work that to twice a day, then three times a day again.

I see Dr N for the compartment syndrome testing next Monday. Not looking forward to that, though.

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The art of the polite complaint

I have been ordering from one certain online store on a regular basis for several years.  And typically, within two business days after I’ve submitted and paid for said order, they would send out “FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS OVER $100”.   Seeing as every order I have submitted has been over $100, this timing got very annoying… and I told them so, politely.

I got a response.. and a $15 gift certificate for my next purchase, good for one year.

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Well fooey

I got an email from the makers of XMarks. It was the best way to back up and sync bookmarks.  They will be discontinuing their service on the 1st of May.  I paid for this service and now they’re pulling up stakes and will just be doing LastPass. But I already have an excellent secure password saving/generating program.

I guess I will just have to go back to backing up/exporting bookmarks once a month as an HTML file.

Bets on whether or not I get a refund for my purchase as I did pay for the program.

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Since I won’t be installing those "Windows 7 Rollups"

I have reinstalled CryptoPrevent.  Between that, and MalwareBytes, I probably have better security on my system than if I installed those program disabling Windows 7 Security/Maintenance Rollups.  Especially when I have read what those rollups are ‘fixing’,  have nothing to do with my computer.

The only annoyance I will have, is that if I need support from MalwareBytes, they will try to tell me to uninstall CryptoPrevent. I will flat out tell them did that, and it didn’t solve the problem.

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When will I ever learn?

I stupidly updated Firefox so I could update one of my much used addons (blurb on page said it wouldn’t work with anything older than v56.) I made a backup archive of my version of firefox, downloaded and installed the new version.

Not only was the new version of Firefox FUGLY, not only did it disable my tried and true addons, THIS version no longer allows you to re-enable those plugins with Nightly Testing Tools. I prefer my drop down menu for search engines, not that hard to read box of itty bitty icons. Can’t change it with customize.


Ok, I will just restore the archived early version. Uhh, where did the archive go? It seems the update deleted it. Grrrr. So, I just downloaded the version that worked, installed it. That worked. Sort of.

All boomarks were gone. I tried to restore them. “Unable to process backup file”. Fine, tried to download them from Xmarks.. nope, errors. Did a little digging, deleted the places.sqlite, restarted and tada!

I think I will keep the latest version of firefox on my VM, and then use that to download newer versions of my addons, export them with FEBE, and then import them into my desktop browser.

If it ain’t broken, I am NOT going to fix it.

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