A few years ago, we switched to the NBN, and when negotiating the switch from Naked ADSL to NBN, I clearly stated that our phone number was to be ported over to the NBN service, that we did NOT want a new phone number.  I was assured by the sales person that it would be done.
Well, I guess she didn’t know how to do it, left the ADSL up and running with our home phone number.  We have been paying for not only ADSL but NBN. Being charged double.
Now, according to our records IINET has overcharged us, over the course of these years, over $2000.
I wonder if they’re going to try to find a way to wiggle out of their screw up.

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New day, new medication regime

Saw Dr. H. yesterday. No more Ativan 2.5 and only 1 Lorazepam in the morning, maybe another one in the afternoon, and then Lyrica before bed time. I can after a week or so, if I don’t wake up groggy, take another Lyrica at the start of the day.

I’ve been off the Ativan, an on half doses of Lorazepam for a while, mostly because I would forget to take it.  I was told it would take a few days for the Lyrica to work. Joy. 

This morning, my right hand and foot were tingling, and my right hand was shaking.  I took one Lorazepam.  45 minutes later, the tingling and tremors stopped. 

I’m hoping the Lyrica will put the brakes on the chronic nerve pain I have had since the spinal fusion, and now the knee replacement.

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Busy and tired

Managed to get to Sculptures By The Sea at Cottesloe beach for some sunset photos.  I got one in particular that probably pissed people off standing behind me, but it was so worth it.



Funny thing happened though. A little boy, about 3 maybe 4 years old… if I had taken this shot below a few seconds earlier I would have gotten a photo of him wizzing on the  placard in front of it. Oh well, when you gotta go you gotta go. His parents took out a bottle of water and some wetwipes and cleaned it up.  Kudos to them.


The next day, we took Keito, our 16 yr old moggie to the vet for a dental cleaning.  There is a lot of inherent problems with putting a 16 yr old cat under anaesthesia, but he had no problem.  I was told to just offer him some water to see if he would drink and if he didn’t throw up, to give him food. 


Really? He RAN into the kitchen and YOWLED and demanded to be fed. I gave him a little bit, and he yodelled for more. I gave him the rest of the cat, and he pretty much polished the bowl clean.  After that, I was a MEAN HUMAN, and made him resort to the kibble in his dish.

Today, I had appointment with Dr H.  Change up on medication.  No more Ativan, as the seizures seem to be under control. Going to be taking Lyrica for nerve pain.  Hoping for the best. My mother swears by it.

Just feel incredibly tired today, but it has been non-stop running around, or tension. Don’t really want to take a nap, because then I wouldn’t sleep well at night.  Conundrum!

So, I will just slog through the day as awake as I can be, and go to bed early, Purring Godlings permitting.

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Back in the day I didn’t have a RAW processor

Nor did I know how to use it, I shot all my photos as high res JPGs.  Now, everyone knows that now there are raw editors, and I alos know how to use them now, but what to do with the old JPGs?  Are they to be relegated to the “Meh” category?

Enter Topaz Labs to the rescue with Topaz JPEG to RAW AI.  Now this doesn’t just convert the image to a DNG, but carefully, with what AI they use, convert it into a RAW editable image.  I chose one image, applied the same edits, with the exception of lens corrections which is not available in JPG editing.

Here is the jpg, edited with camera raw.



Here’s the same one, but pre-processed with Topaz JPEG to RAW AI:



The difference in the full sized images are amazing.   Now, I have a lot more work to get done, going through older images, that I liked, but just could not get them edited the way they should be.

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Talk about overkill

Microsoft’s answer to fixing to small, almost negligible problems, with Windows 10 is like killing a mosquito with a sledgehammer.

After an update, that ‘succeeded’, I noticed task manager wouldn’t run.  Since I subscribe to “Assure”, I hopped online, and told them this one itty bitty problem.

Well, the first tech tried to do an “in place upgrade” which had no good result. Got to 17%, the the computer rebooted, got the message “UNDOING CHANGES MADE TO YOUR COMPUTER”.  Ok, Task Manager still not working, but I tend to use Process Explorer. 

Then I noticed my Bluetooth was no longer working. It had the day before, as my graphics tablet was is bluetooth, and I was editing photos with it.

I checked device manager: yup, Bluetooth device is there, but driver not loading? WTF?  Ok, off to Asus, and get the proper signed Windows 10 driver for it. Nope, still nothing.

Again, I head on over to MS Support, and not only do they NOT take the sfc/scannow and DISM logs, they’re advice is just to nuke it from orbit. Only way to be sure.  Ahem, do a full HDD wipe and reinstall.  I really miss the way Windows XP did backups. If you had a corrupted file, you could load up your back up and MANUALLY copy the non-corrupted version right on over.   

So, now it’s a matter of picking a date and time, email serials and license numbers, deactivate programs, and doing a full blown reinstall. Oh effing joy.

On an aside: The bluetooth and task manager work fine on Windows 7 drive.

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Yesterdays session with counselor:

Difficult to put into words. I discussed somethings, and as much as D agreed with my assertiveness, my choice of homilies could be different. Part of my problem is I don’t have much control over much, but what I *do* have control over, I keep getting offers of help which I don’t need, but when I *do* need help, it’s nowhere to be found.

Conundrum, yes?

Also, things that have become habit. Have to find a way to break some of those. I do have a quick wit, and sometimes inappropriate repartee’ . (Like after I was finished doing something I did need help with, that it was KNOWN I need help with, I had someone pop into the room. I said “Fashionably late again?”. *sheepish shrug*)

Also, people asking me to do things, or be there for them. I’m having a hard enough time keeping my own socks pulled up, without pulling up theirs.

I made big mistake today, though. I watched the news. Stress causes the hemidystonia seizures. Hearing that the fucking moron in the oval office has reignited the nuclear arms race by backing out of the Non Proliferation Treaty Pres Reagan signed with Russia… my right leg and arm started twitching. I turned it off right away, but the information is still in my brain. Is that orange reject from a circus trying to get everyone killed?

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We keep getting scammer calls

This time it’s someone calling from Telstra. I decided to play with him for a few minutes as I was bored.

Scammer (in very heavy New Delhi accent): I am calling from Telstra, to tell you your internet will be turned off tomorrow for 20 days.

Me” Uhh that’s interesting. Why?

Scammer: Because your computer has sent out a message to Telstra that is wirused and because of that your internet access will be cut.

Me: Ok, but why will it be shut off for 20 days?

Scammer: It will take about that long to de-wirus your computer and any other devices connected to the internet. Phones, tablets, laptops.

Me: Hmm, really. There’s a problem here.

Scammer: What is that?

Me: I don’t have Telstra Internet, which you should be calling BIGPOND.

Scammer: Oh, no no, you see all the internet services are part of Telstra.

Me: Actually, that is incorrect. All internet services might lease lines from Telstra, but there is no way my computer would call Telstra about viruses. I would get notifications on my own computer, as I have BitDefender, and Malwarebytes.

Scammer: (getting angry) Oh, those do not stop wiruses.

Me: Ok, I’ve had enough fun for today, my system isn’t virused, you aren’t from Telstra, and I don’t subscribe to Telstra internet. I’ve worked in the Tech field, and I know you’re full of shit. Computers NEVER contact Telstra regarding anything. You really need to update you lame ass script.

Scammer: *angry sputtering and words I can’t understand*

Me: Buh bye now! *click*

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