5 Weeks (and a few days) post Op

It now time to work the scar on my knee. Using a skin moisturizer, I apply it to either side of the scar, and on it. Then  I massage down the sides of the scar, pushing it gently to the left, and then to the right, making it shift at least 1 cm from center.  Then I bend my knee until the scar turns white from the stretch, and then apply moisturizer directly on it.

The goal is to make the scar pliable, and have it stretch to give me full mobility.

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Another day, another physio visit

Saw Matt today, and I told him what happened to my knee after the last visit. He looked a bit sheepish and said “I guess we were a bit over enthusiastic because of your progress.”  He listened to what I said happened, and how many days the pain and swelling laid me up.  He said that chances are that most of the adhesions I had under the skin and scar had been released and broken, which led to the swelling.

The good news is, even though I couldn’t do much in the way of rehab exercise sets for almost 4 days, I haven’t ‘relapsed’.  I was able to bend my knee, unassisted, to 105 degrees, and after some massage therapy on the tight tendons, and on the scar, I was able to bend it back to 109. 

Oh yeah, Matt said my scar is marvelous. 😀

I get to go back next week.

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Much relief

The swelling on my knee has gone way down, and the bruised coloring is fading.  It’s still more painful than it was prior to last Tuesday, but no where near as painful as it was Wednesday through Friday.  I was able to do all of the rehab exercises, although I don’t think I pulled my heel as far back as I had before Tuesday.  And I slept better last night than I have for most of the week.

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Yeah, it’s bruised

It took a few days, but the bruise showed up on my knee.  I really don’t think it was Matt’s intention to have my knee get swollen, sore, and bruised with that one manipulation, but I will request he not do that one again. 

Have to go refill two prescriptions. Of course these two run out over a week after getting the OTHERS refilled. *sigh*

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That might have been a bit much

But whatever Matt did to my knee on Tuesday, it still effin’ hurts!  I mean back to what it felt like 3 weeks post op.  I slept for shit last night, and when I got up this morning, my knee was very painful and stiff.  I’ve gone from doing 5 sets of exercises a day, to not being able to do them at all yesterday, to barely pushing through the pain to get 2 done today.

I think I’m going to request Matt not flex my knee to that point again.  It doesn’t do me any good if it sets me back half of my recovery time to date.

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Ummm, ow

Physio appointment today.  Did my knee bend, unassisted, to 104 degrees. Not bad, as I was told the mark we were aiming for was 100 degrees.  After some massage, and acupressure treatment, I was able to bend it, unassisted to 108 degrees.  I discussed the pain I get on top of my knee that comes and goes.  Matt said that was probably due to adhesions that are being broken, but then reform, under the scar tissue.  When the rest of the surgical sealing tape/bandage falls off, I can work on the scar to make it more pliable.

Then, Matt worked on my quads and hamstring muscles to loosen them up. 

Of course now I am one hurting unit.

Go back next week at the same time.

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On1 2018 Beta

Yes, I know it’s beta, and there will be bugs.  And we have been asked to submit the bugs.

The stand alone loads noticeably faster than v2017.  It now can do Panorama stitching.  It does line up the images perfectly, and does stitch/merge them.  However, it doesn’t blend the edges. Even on photos that were taken on a tripod specifically to be stitched together.  (Submitted this issue as a bug).  When you click to make the pano, 7 images doesn’t take a long time, but when I made a 360 degree pano, it took a long time for it to finish.  (submitted this as a concern)

An old problem has reared it’s ugly head again.  Even though during the installation of 2018 it asks if you want to keep older versions, you really cant.  You will get “Could not complete the Browse in Bridge command because Photoshop was unable to find the Javascript plugin.”  It also happens with other commands/scripts.  I have found the only way to get rid of this error is to remove previous version. 

Also, I still use Phototools Professional v2.6.  Yes, it’s older, but it has tools and overlays/textures I can’t duplicate or replace in newer On1 products.  In CS6 it will start to launch, but then close down.  The only way to fix this is to remove ANY On1 Resizing plugin. Remove the resizing plugin, and it works.  Since I can resize with Photoshop itself, or with Alien Skin Blow Up, this poses no great hardship.

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