It’s done, now we wait

I went to see Dr S as scheduled to see about my knee.  It was still swollen, even with the anti-inflammatory. I told Dr S wanted to go with the SYNVISC asap. He told me it takes a week for it to arrived, and he was scheduled to be elsewhere in a week. I asked if the company that makes SYNVISC has express shipping, but they don’t.  Dr S said they had one treatment at the practice (one is all that is needed) and I asked “Can I call and have them ship you a replacement and we get this done today?”

The answer was yes. Called and ordered it, and had shipping address as Dr S.

Then it came time for me to get it injected into my knee.  Swab the knee, inject local anesthetic deep in. Before the needle was taken out, a syringe was used to drain almost 25ml of seroma like fluid from the knee. No wonder if felt like I had a sponge in the joint.  Too much ‘hydrolic fluid’.

Synvisc injected, barely felt a thing.  Here’s hoping that I am in the 80% success rate section. (Then I had a day of blessed NO pain in my knee for most of the day.)

Then off to see Hadyn. Told him about how my right calf was stiff. Too many ‘dip heels below stair level, then go up onto toes’.  He really worked the huge knot I had in it.  The he saw my flexor and glutes were locked/stiff, and he REALLY worked on that. Umm ow?  I have said before, and I say again, that physiotherapists have to be a touch sadistic.

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Battlestar Galactica – Season 2

Admiral Cain and the Battlestar Pegasus.. very disturbing story arc.

When she and the Pegasus first showed up, we all breathed a sigh of relief.. for a while.

Then the shine started rubbing off. When one of her officers is killed while trying to gang rape a prisoner (Caprica Sharon Cylon) by to Galactica crew members, then summarily sentences them to be executed with no trial.

President Roslin sees where Cain is headed, and tells Adama that he needs to kill her.

Then they learn even more, how Cain’s single-mindedness resulted in thousands of civilians dead, families slaughtered, stranded.  And then she starts plotting to assassinated Commander Adama.

Yes, they are at war, but there are rules of war. And she broke them, and encouraged her subordinates to do the same thing.

The outcome was inevitable.

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Once more into the breach!

But will wait until Friday.

After 6 hours with Microsoft support working on my laptop with little or no success,  my problematic computer has been punted up to Tech Tier 2.  More things will be tried, but I have sinking feeling that Alan is right, that it would take less time for me to just reinstall windows, and then the rest of the programs.

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The ongoing saga of Win 8 roll back

After hours online with MS Support, three different techs regarding doing a “repair install” on my Window 8.1 laptop that the ‘free’ upgrade to Windows 10 screwed up, and I managed to roll it back to 8.1, but had persistent problems, hardlocks, things not working, I got told TODAY that I can’t do a repair install, I have to do a full reinstall, which means reinstalling all the programs currently on it.

I know that Microsoft TOS/EULA says they can’t be held liable for damages caused even when caused by their own products, but the MS Windows 10 assessment tool erroneously said my laptop was Windows 10 ready.  That turned out to be wrong.  But had the Win 10 update had said “If you install this and it doesn’t work, you have to wipe your drive and reinstall everything again”, instead of “All you have to do is roll back to previous OS”, I never would have updated it.

Error 0x80073712.. whatever the hell THAT means.

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All I want to do is listen to my audio books on specific devices

As much as I understand copyright, intellectual property etc etc, I should be able to play my audio books on whatever device I so choose, not just on ‘approved devices’.

I have a few programs that ‘convinces’ a certain format to play on a generic MP3 player. But there’s always a catch. The problem is it makes it into a bunch of 7 minute MP3 files, so instead of 3 part “Approved device” format, I have 70 some odd mp3 files.  So, I have to get an MP3 joining program to make “Part One” etc etc.

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Another way to not be forced to rent Adobe CC

Or be forced to double up on HD space by converting everything to DNGs.

Alienskin Exposure X2

After installation, go to Edit/Preferences and select what photo editor you want to punt the Raw edited image to. (Used CS5 for this example) And you can select what format to export. PSD, TIFF or JPG.

It does non-destructive edits to your images, and has a wider library of available editing tools than Adobe Camera Raw.  Here’s one image, that I adjusted clarity, brightness, whites,  and am applying a ‘Bokeh’ edit. 

Right click on image, and click on editor you configured X2 to use

Since I had done all my RAW edits in X2, I chose “Save Image” option in the bottom left corner, saved it as a JPG, then opened it in CS5 to continue.



EDIT: It seems with CS5 you have to EDIT IT and have preferences set to TIFF file. It will open up Adobe Camera Raw 6.7.1, then you have to select SAVE IMAGE on bottom left corner and save it as a high res JPG, as it’s Photoshop itself that won’t open the TIFF/PSD/JPG directly from X2. 

However if you’re using CS6, this doesn’t seem to be an issue.

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Had to resort to pain meds

Knee was kicking up a fuss yesterday. I tried to take it easy, not walk too fast, or do too many deep knee bending things, but none of that helped. 

Going to bed last night, it didn’t matter what position I put my leg in, even the tried in true to ‘relieve joint stress’ position, just didn’t help, so I resorted to “Better living through chemistry”. The LOWER dosage variety.

I managed to sleep, but feel a bit fuzzy headed, as is usual with pain medications.  Knee is a bit swollen today, too.  Have compression bandage on it for now, and will switch to the “Device of Torturous Comfort” aka mid-thigh to calf knee brace when there is a reduction in the swelling.

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