6 Month Post Op – Good news, bad news.

Good news first: Although I had a hypertrophic scar, and over did it a few times during the past few months, setting me back, the TKR is great. I have 126 to 130 bed depending on the day.

Bad News: Dr “Just call me Ian” is almost 100% certain I have compartment syndrome, not sciatic pain, which was what Matt my physio was hoping for. I go for tests Monday, and from what I was told, they’re going to be somewhat more than just ‘a little uncomfortable’. Depending on the results I may have to go back under the knife to relieve the pressure and rather acute pain. 😦

Rather bummed out about this.

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Another Alternative to Adobe Rentals

Now that even Adobe Lightroom has gone to subscription only, even more people are looking for alternatives for RAW processing and photo editing.

Skylum Luminar – The latest program I tried.  I downloaded and installed the 14 day, fully functional, trial version. 4 days into using it, I was sold!  Luminar makes Adobe Lightroom in all its’ incarnations look clunky and sluggish.  The “Categories” (or presets if you prefer) are eminently adjustable to the look you want. For those accustomed to Adobes’ “Transform” tools, there is a bit of new language learning, but nothing overly difficult to do.

I took this lackluster photo



and turned it into something I would have printed and framed.


A lot of people complain that it doesn’t have “Digital assets management”, but for me that isn’t an issue, as I always make descriptive and dated folders for my photo shoots.

Luminar works on both my low end laptop (Sony Vaio 16gb ram) and on my custom built box.

Again, some will find the lack of Digital asset management a problem, but as I typed above, not an issue with me. The only things I had to do after developing and editing was export the image as a high res JPG, open it in Photoshop, and use a “Purple Fringe Remover” action, as Luminars’ lens correction doesn’t have that option.  After I did that, I put my watermark on it, and saved it.  Another good thing about Luminar, like the others above; you buy, it’s yours. And it’s not that expensive. For less than what it would cost you to rent Lightroom, you can own Luminar.

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Why ‘friends’ can sometimes be a bit of a downer

I joined a “Total Knee Replacement” group on Facebook. Why? Because there are certain well meaning people that are clueless. Or at least I hope they’re well meaning but clueless.

I had one person tell me that 4 weeks after a total knee replacement,an uncle (or someone) was back to mountain climbing. Kind of intimated I was faking or slacking. I passed this information to my physio and he said that claim was (and I quote) “F&&king bullshit.” Seeing as part of the tibia is sawed off, a titanium peg hammered into the tibia, and a titanium cap clipped onto the femur, it would take at least 6 weeks before the surgery part healed. Then comes the swelling and rehab.

Then there is battling the scar tissue. The same collagen that makes my skin so nice an not so wrinkled is the same reason the scar on my knee is so thick and deep. Lotions won’t fix this. Breaking the adhesions is the only method, and it frigging hurts like hell for days afterward.

Then, there is the sciatic shin pain, that no pain meds can touch, because it’s a pinched nerve, not muscular.

The members of the TKR group know about all of this, and when I say “Wow, today I managed to wash and hang the laundry outside! Cooked dinner and even cleaned up the cat’s sand boxes.” they know what an achievement that is. I can walk around without limping for over a half hour, longer if the sciatic shin pain stays away.

I don’t marathons, but that’s fine, because I didn’t run them before. But I’m getting back to doing… even the mundane things, with a cheerful demeanor.

Oh yeah, and I cooked a 3+ hr prep and work turkey dinner for Wing… and yes, It was a bragging moment for me.

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Beware of Aurora BluRay Media player

I had posted that I had been looking for an alternative to ArcSoft TotalMedia Theater because of Windows Rollup screwed the pooch.

Enter Aurora Blu-Ray Player

Now, Aurora claims to be “Try before buy”, but you really can’t tell if blu-ray playback is good as their HUGE frigging watermark covers the playback, giving you no clue as to whether it works well or not.  Only option is to fork over $39 to see.

Now, what it does is play the BluRay MTS file, not really the entire disc, just the movie file.  It makes a rudimentary ‘menu’ that allows you to select language and scenes. That would be fine by me, HOWEVER…

Even though it does work, this program keeps making Windows system changes. I have AutoPlay for all media set to TAKE NO ACTION. But every time I start Aurora, it changes that to auto open BluRay/DVD/Video Discs.  I have gone into the autoplay menu, and have manually selected TAKE NO ACTION, then saved. Launch Aurora, and it overwrites those settings.

There is nothing in the Aurora preferences that prevent it from being chosen as default, and it keeps changing Windows settings.

Any program that makes unwanted system changes is malware.  I have been sending messages to them about this, but have yet to get even one reply.  I think they know of this, but can’t or won’t do anything about it, so their program has earned the label of Malware. And I’ve uninstalled it using YourUninstaller to remove all traces.

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It’s never ending!

Turns out I might have yet another reason to remove the Windows 7 Rollup.

%#&$%# Cinavia encryption.  The only DVD/BluRay player on my computer that didn’t have an issue with it was ArcSoft Total Media Theater. Leawo, DVDFab Player, PowerDVD 17, WinDVDPro 12, even when using AnyDVD or DVDFabPasskey, playback would be interrupted and audio muted.  And this is on commercially purchased DVDs and BluRay discs, NOT copies or rips, or downloads.  Playing the boxed version of a series of movies. The first 3 discs, no Cinavia, but the last one, yup!

I might have to see about installing earlier version of PowerDVD.  :/  As much as I understand the reason for copyright, this sort of crap is what makes people hack and crack copy protection.

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Fed up with Gunhumping Ammosexuals

I laid into one that kept up with I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! only section of the 2nd amendment. Then he insulted me and my family’s military service by saying ‘probably the type to sign up for the paycheck’.

I let him have it.

Robert K**** Pookums, my DD214 says Honorable Discharge. And I am a multi generational military  family. So, no, you sanctimonious git, none of us did it for a paycheck. I’m quite sure your  military service can compare to mine? Or were your separated with a OTH or DD? Or maybe just a  General discharge?

What we have said, oh so dense one, that they have no business in civilian hands, and should be  banned as they are only designed to kill as many as possible in the most brutal way (the bullets  penetrate and tumble, shredding internal organs, and in small targets like Sandy Hook, tear off  body parts), just like the M-4 and M-16 (BTW, I ranked as a “Sharpshooter”). The only differences  is the Bushmasters firing pin(semi-automatic rather than full auto), the sights, and a few parts  on the stock. Again, it does NOT belong in any civilian hands.

You want to adhere to an 18th century rule, fine. Single action bolt, or how about a flint lock,  as that was all the rage. And just what part of a ‘well regulated militia’ were you part of?

And you want to cite only PART of the 2nd amendment…

Here’s all of it : “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State,  the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

This was intended for Good Farmer Joseph with his Ball and Shot Musket, not Crazy Neighbor Joe  with an AR-15 or an UZI. It was written when the U.S. didn’t have a standing military. Guess  what? Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Naval Reserves, and during times of war The  Coast Guard. Good Farmer Joseph isn’t required to take up arms to fight off invaders anymore.

Moving on….

I now cite a document that predates your tunnel vision view of the 2nd amendment:
“We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal and  independent, that from that equal creation they derive rights inherent and inalienable, among  which are the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”

Our right to life outweighs your needing to feel the joy in your groin to shoot a military grade  weapon. And if you really have such a hard on to do so, trot your North American Gunhumping  Ammosexual ass to the nearest recruiters office and enlist.

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Ok, I give up

I tried installing TotalMediaCenter on my Windows 7 VM, XP VM and 8 VM.

It installed ok on Win 8 vm, but would crash when I tried to load any sort of video.

Installed on Win 7 VM, but like with Win 7 desktop, it would launch, then shut down in a few seconds.

It wouldn’t installed properly on XP, and wouldn’t uninstall, so had to restore from a VM snapshot.

*sigh* So, my choices are keep my computer safe and find another alternative to TMT, or don’t install the Windows Rollup, which will allow TMT to access the kernel.  

So long, ArcSoft TotalMediaTheater. Was nice knowing ya.

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