I know it bites into their profits to pay out

But I’m really pissed off at PetPlan insurance right now.
Loki had bad breath. Upon exam, it turned out he had an oral infection, and ONE, just ONE of the steps to clear him of the infection was to have under the gum line near the infected areas cleaned.  He was lucky, he didn’t lose any teeth. The other steps were to give him antibiotics, and to ‘clean his mouth’, if I could without getting bitten.. too much.

However, according to PetPlan, this wasn’t a cure for an oral infection, oh no no no!  It was ‘a preventative dental scaling’.
I have sent this to them. Not that I actually expect them to do the right thing.

Consider this angry feedback.  I’ve been a client of yours for 12+ years. 

My cat, Loki had bad breath. Upon exam, it turned out he had an oral infection, and ONE, just ONE of the steps to clear him of the infection was to have under the gum line near the infected areas cleaned.  He was lucky, he didn’t lose any teeth. The other steps were to give him antibiotics, and to ‘clean his mouth’, if I could without getting bitten.. too much.

However, according to PetPlan, this wasn’t a cure for an oral infection, oh no no no!  It was ‘a preventative dental scaling’.  That was your ‘loophole’. You consider any and gum/teeth treatment as preventative. If it was preventative, he would have had it done without me submitting a claim, just like I did with Ziggy, and Keito, Loki and Trance over the years.  But this was a needed MEDICAL procedure to CURE an infection.

Don’t bother calling me, because I know you will just give me the same excuse, that it was preventative.  And my reply is the same: If it was preventative, he wouldn’t have had an oral infection.

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Yesterday, I cleaned out "Ziggy’s Corner".

I had been putting it off because it felt like I was erasing her. But Ziggy can never be erased, or forgotten.

I moved some of her things, and got into the corner behind the footstool. And in the corner I found at least 20 small batteries. AAs, AAAs, single use, rechargeable.
The little wench had been hoarding them! I laughed through the tears as I cleared out her ‘treasure trove’.
Now we know why she was always with her butt in the air, on the edge of the footstool, rummaging around in the corner.
What I didn’t realize how much having just that much of her history with us cleared away would hurt today.  Finding her toys, some with her fur and scent still on them.
I miss her… and I miss Keito. But I didn’t know I’d miss them this much.  Maybe it’s because losing two in a month to the day was a bit to take.

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With Amazon support, you have a 50/50 chance

I found my old Windows 7 phone, and its spare battery, so decided to charge it up, and see what I can do with it over WiFi (no sim chip in it)

It charged up very quickly and I started putting it through its paces.  Sadly, there are some things that no longer work, because Zune, the desktop software you used to be able to use to update programs, no longer works. Microsoft shut off Zune’s access to the servers sometime around June/July 2019. 

Be that as it may, other programs were working fine.  I fired up my Kindle app and at first, all seemed well. It started to sync, cancelled the sync, deregistered itself, and deleted the books I had on the device.  Ok, this intrepid device user went through the usual “register your device”, and it failed. I tried again, and again, and again, meticulously making sure every letter/character in name and password was correct and it was.  But kept getting “Email and password not recognized”.  BUT I could login via the phone’s internet browser.  Time for TECH SUPPORT!  I start a chat, and I explain the situation. I was clear and succinct so I wouldn’t be wasting any time.  Even though I told the person, designated by the letter P, that everything, even the Microsoft Store, said I had the app installed, it wouldn’t work. My question was “Did Amazon discontinue support for the Windows Phone version of Kindle App?” 

P said no, and insisted I check MS store to see if it was there. It was. He insisted I try to login, over and over. The, P’s bright idea was to switch my location, even though I told him NOT to.  Well, he did (that lead to a different bunch of trouble).  Even so, still same “email and password not recognized” message.  After P fiddling around with things, telling me to try things, and if I didn’t get back to him in 60 seconds he would discontinue the chat (I reamed him about that, telling him it takes longer than 60 seconds for MS Store to launch, to search for something and get a result. He pseudo-apologized for that), for a solid 90 minutes, P finally tells me that Amazon no longer supports or has available for download the Kindle App for Windows Phone*.  Ok, I will admit, I textually, without swearing, lit into him for not finding that out and telling me earlier. I also told him to put my Amazon setting BACK to the way they originally were. (Although I live in Australia, I am U.S. citizen. I opened my Amazon account in the US over 20 years ago. Yes, I know there’s an Amazon Au, but their selection sucks. Can’t get the ebooks I want on the Amazon AU site, so not ditching my Amazon US account) Ended chat, gave honest if low rating. Turns out the little $hit didn’t put my settings back.  So, none of my echo dots/alexa settings worked anymore.

I admit, it was late, and I was in no mood to go searching for reason/solution, I started another Amazon help chat regarding Alexa devices, with support person, Amir. I explained I was living in Australia, but had opened amazon account when I was in the US and wanted to keep it that way.  He fixed the issue in under 30 seconds. I profusely thanked him for his friendly, quick service, ended chat, gave 5 star ratings across the board.

Next thing, I’m checking to see if I can use it as a portable audio book device. Wish me luck!

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Next episode of what passes as my life

Yesterday, I saw Mr. S, the osteo surgeon who replaced my worn out right knee.  The right knee replacement is great, and even though I still have some pain from the operated on compartment syndrome, all is ok with it.

Left knee..  *sigh*  bends back and forth ok, but it also moves left to right too easily.  That means the osteo-arthritis is getting worse, and I’m losing knee stability.  And today, unlike other times, my left knee fekking HURTS.  Have compression/support bandage on it.  Between that and pain meds, I’m able to walk somewhat normally.  I did have to order another compression bandage, as the velcro on the one I’m using is worn out and tends to let go.  So, the time of LTKR is coming closer. Just not yet.

Today was appointment with D, my counselor.  Because of pain meds, I was all over the place.  But I was able to focus on the one thing that is stressing me out;  tomorrow, Trance and Loki get home visit by the vet, and Loki gets boxed up to get his teeth cleaned. He really needs it, as he has really bad breath.  If the vet that gave wrong advise that caused Keito’s death shows up, I will show him the door.  Call out fee be damned.

Also, discussed the possibility of getting another purrkid.  She said the way we love animals, and how much they mean to us, there is probably no way we won’t, when we’re heart healed and read, get another rescue or two.  I personally would love a ‘house panther’, or maybe a bonded pair looking to be re-homed together.  Just not yet… not ready. I, and Loki, are still in mourning over Keito’s sudden death.

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Ok, I gave Windows 10 a fair go

Close to 2 months, I used Windows 10 boot drive.   Stability; good.  Updates; too many, too annoying. Updates have a horrible habit of overwriting/removing anything you might have done.

Nannyware/nagware; I so wish Microsoft would understand that people want to control their OS and computers, not have Microsoft do it for them. 

Customizations are more than just a wee bit difficult to do (some impossible), and I can’t say how much I dislike..no, loathe that desktop tile layout. It is sloppy.  I installed StartMenuX and got it back to a configurable, cleaner layout. 

Biggest Bugbear for me (and for my husband, too) was not only the total removal of Windows Media Center, but making it so you couldn’t even install it even if you had the ability to do so.

I am currently back on my Windows 7 Boot drive.  It took a while to get all the programs and Windows updated after such a long time of not using it.  After that was finished, I can’t say how much better Windows 7 is from Windows 10.

It’s not just using legacy software that can no longer be installed due to software maker using different authentication service, or legacy hardware (the hardware works in Win 10, but the software for it doesn’t. Go figure.

But I find Windows 7 also stable, the updates have only broken one software makers programs (Yes, I really liked ArcSoft MediaCenter. It was better than anything else that has so far followed, but they rather stupidly didn’t pay Dolby licensing fees so no updates after v6x, and Microsoft closed off the program’s ability to use the kernel for better performance, thereby it no longer would work).

It’s not even the desktop layout, because by use of StartMenuX, both Win 7 and Win 10 look the same.

Overall, I find Windows 7 the winner over Windows 10.  So, as long as I can install software on Windows 7 boot drive, I will.  I know that sooner or later I will be forced to move over to Win 10 only as software makers will be painted into a corner of “Make it work with only our latest OS”.

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Ah, dammit.

‘Benson,’ ‘Star Trek’ actor René Auberjonois has died at 79

Image result for rene auberjonois

Cancer sucks.

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It takes a specialist

To see a specialist?

For 19 years I have been asking 4 different GPs to please get my records from Dr R, an endocrinologist in Florida regarding my hypothyroidism, and how it was being successfully treated in the U.S.   4 different GPs, and all I got was hemming and hawing, and my weight going up and up and up, no matter what I did.

I kept food diary for a month. 

It wasn’t believed. 

I wore a pedometer for a month. 30k steps per day on average.  But still, I could get no where with my GPs to prescribe me the medication that Dr R did, or even contact Dr R for my records (I had signed a release form, so that couldn’t have been the problem)

Today, after a consult with my osteo surgeon, Mr S.,  regarding bariatric surgery. I told him that I had been under the knife for the past 4 years in one way or another.  I want a gap year.  There is also the fact that I have FND, and surgery could start triggering it again.  Also, I have a history of anorexia. Turning me into an instant anorexic by get gastric sleeving done isn’t a great idea.

So, I told him about Dr R, the endocrinologist in Florida.  I told Mr S the above history with my GPs, and he said again, this just won’t do!  I get to fast, and get a Thyroid function test, not just testing to see if I have the Thyroxine in me.  Will also get a BGL test, too.  Once those results are in, I will be FINALLY seeing an endocrinologist!


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