A year ago today, on Sept 11th, 2017

I was signing into Mount Hospital, to have a total knee replacement. I was scared, worried, almost in tears, but knew it had to be done.

The recovery has been a bit of ups and downs.  Doing too much one day, then taking a week to get over it. Restless nights, nausea, pain, depression. The frustration at not being able to just DO.

Then there was the improvements, getting better, easier to walk around, getting out. 

5 Months in, broadsided in a car accident, setting my recovery back a few months. Fighting my way back to where I was prior to the accident, and then beyond.

The knee joint is all healed, and now working on getting the tendons that were injured in the car accident healthy and strong.

I’ll get it done… I’m too stubborn not to!

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Ah, Matt, you torture so well!

Saw Matt the Physiotherapist aka Torturer today. He confirmed diagnosis of tendinopathy.  He also agreed that the pain from the healing knee replacement disguised the injury caused by us getting T-Boned and my knees impacting the dashboard.

Had some really intense massage and manipulation of the affected area.  I called it “being well tenderized”. Ouch.

Have an exercise regime to gently work the tendons and to strengthen the quads. 
The good news is, the total knee replacement is healed. It will be a full year tomorrow since I had it done. I probably would have been fully recovered sooner, had we not been in that car accident.  This is just a bit of a delay, not the end of the road. 🙂

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RIP “Bandit”


Burt Reynolds, THE BANDIT, dies at the age 82 of a sudden heart attack.

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Knee Replacement 1 year Post Op.

Knee joint replacement is great. I managed to dodge a bullet when I caught pneumonia, as it’s common for infections to spread from one area of the body to the joint replacement area.

The acute pain I’ve been having. Mr S said that since I was still experiencing pain from the knee replacement at the time, I didn’t feel the damage/injury sustained on the anterior of my knee when we were T-boned. The pain of the surgery lessened, making the pain just under the knee cap causing me to gasp in pain if I stood in one place too long, or causing me to limp a lot first thing in the morning.

Tendinopathy, treatable, but painful. It’s also the reason I get pain going across the top of my foot, just below shin. Treat the tendinopathy, and the ankle/foot issue *should* self resolve. Had ultrasound and TENS treatment. Also wearing compression tape under the knee, on top of the tendon.

Knee bend, unassisted, 125 degrees. 130 is considered perfect. Not too bad. Hayden was quite impressed (he was my Pre-Op physio). I see Matt the Torturer on Monday.

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Might have overdone it just a bit this weekend

Three photoshoot sessions, different locations.  Lots of walking, lots of standing in one place.  And when I stepped off, the knee really freaking hurt.  It could be that it was just too soon after recovering from pneumonia, but I was getting cabin fever. Got some excellent images, though.  Was great to give the Sigma 150-600 Sport a workout. It performed wonderfully.



Yesterday, I refilled prescriptions for Moxicam (anti-inflammatory) and Tramadol.  Yesterday was the first time I have dosed myself with Tramadol in over two months.  Was short or breath several times during the sessions. Had the inhaler to counter that.
Slept fairly well last night, but still feeling a bit tired all day.  Managed to get some laundry done, so very basic tidying. Scrubbed and refilled the bird feeders.

Trying to stay awake now.

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Got some work to do

I have been using Forte Agent since version 3.  Now it’s up to version 8.  When I had a tech problem with it, I used to be able to submit a ticket, explain everything I had tried, and get good tech support.

Last year, the person I suspect was the programmer/owner of the program retired. Now, if you have a support issue, you are shit out of luck. Even if you tell them you’ve read the FAQ, surfed the net, checked forums for hours with out any result, what you get is copy paste BS from the FAQ. (most recent was an issue with a problem removing old addresses from address book. The useless advice was a direct copy and paste from the FAQ, even though I told her I had already read it)

Why? This excuse really rankles:  Since they don’t charge much for the software, they will no longer provide second tier (aka info not on the useless FAQ).  There is no plans for any updates, either.  Sooner or later, this email program, without any updates, will no longer be usable with email services.

Switch to another email program? Sure, but the only way you can export your address book is in a convoluted XML file, which can’t be imported into another program with any semblance of order. 

So, I have some work to do, to manually input all the address from one email program to another.  I’ll have to keep forte agent on my system though, because of years of correspondence, and Forte only IMPORTS messages, it doesn’t export them.

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Made appointment to see Dr A

The cough wasn’t going away. Add being tired all the time, falling asleep sitting up, shortness of breath, breathing shallow, feeling pressure and coughing when laying down.
Have to go for chest xray, and blood tests, but Dr A is fairly certain what the result will be.  I have atypical pneumonia.
Have an inhaler to help with the breathing and coughing, and a different antibiotic that targets pneumonia. 
Saw Sharna, osteo nurse practitioner, and she told me to keep watch on the knee replacement, to make sure there’s no involvement. 

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