Dear Mr Rafael Cruz Jr.. pull your head out of..

Whatever ditch or orifice you have it.

You were asked about how the GOP is cutting off women’s access to birth control, and your comments were not only dismissive, but self centered.  You went on and on about how YOU and other MEN had condoms to use.

Hello?  Women.. birth control. Or are you saying that only men can and should have the option of engendering children or not? That women can’t decide to NOT get pregnant and take steps to prevent it?

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If I believed in hell,

I would say there is a special place in it for those who abandon pets.

I would say there is a special place in it for those who abandon pets.

*sigh* There is this very pretty, light light grey medium long haired cat, I think female, that used to come around last year, very friendly, chatty.  In good condition, wearing a collar.  So, she belonged to someone near by.

The past few weeks, we have noticed she no longer has a collar, and has been hanging around our back yard. She is also a bit timid.  She appears to be a bit underweight, or just not in as good condition.

All of this leads us to believe her owners have abandoned her.  She was at our side door, meowing in a very pitiful way. Yes, I know the rule, but I don’t want a cat hunting in our back yard, so I gave her some kibble. She inhaled it. Have left water out there for her in a stainless steel bowl.

I will call CatHaven and RSPCA to see what can be done for her. I am hoping she just slipped her collar, and is a bit a mooch, but not holding out much hope for that.

Again, if I believed in hell, I would say there is a special place in it for those who abandon pets.

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My wild idea might actually be feasible solution

I came up with the idea of how to stop Ziggy and Trance (the two very territorial Bengals) from getting into knock down, drag out fights.

I came up with the idea of how to stop Ziggy and Trance (the two very territorial Bengals) from getting into knock down, drag out fights. Replace wooden doors with security screen doors, so they can see each other, yowl and hiss to their hearts content, but NO INJURIES! It will cost less to have two doors (one on my office, one on Wing ‘s office) with security screens, than one vet visits to take care of fight injuries.

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You would think smartphones would be smart

I connected my phone with my desktop to transfer some photos from the micro SD card. I was rather shocked to find that I had hardly any memory on the device. Shocked because I have moved all movable applications to the micro SD card.

So, I disconnect the phone and opened AppManager and said Whohuhwha?  All programs that had been on the SD card were once again on the device instead.

This is where “you’d think smartphones would be smart”… I had updated the apps on the device, and instead of installing them where they were, the updater deleted them from the micro SD card, and wrote them to device memory instead. I just spent about an hour moving them all back to the SD card. Oy.

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The lesser of two evils

And annoyances…

Some update to Firefox and Waterfox caused a pretty serious glitch.  Both Mozilla browsers would ‘forget’ what addons were installed, they would vanish from the “Add-Ons Manager” list.  They would still be visible on tool bars, though.  After a few restarts, though, both browsers would have all the addons open in a new tab and ask if I wanted to install them.  

I did all the troubleshooting, even ripping out every little bit and piece of firefox/waterfox including profiles and plugins. I had made a list of what utilities and addons I had, and then spent 2 hours reinstalling the browsers, and the addons… only to have the freaking problem persist.

I threw my hands up, and installed Cyberfox.  Yes, AIRoboform doesn’t automatically load a page once the login information is place where it needs to be, but it’s not getting amnesia about its settings and addons.

And in other news, France caught the mad man who plotted the mass murder of Parisians.  He’s dead. And as much as I don’t celebrate the death of another human being, the world is a better place without someone so enamored with death, and the killing of others.

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I can’t believe this is still an issue in 2015

Allowing doctors to get away with citing religious beliefs, and their supposed superior morality to not do their sworn jobs needs to be stopped. If this keeps on, what next? A Jehovah’s Witness doctor that will refuse to allow transfusions during surgery?  Or a Christian Scientist who believes you can pray cancer or heart disease away refusing chemotherapy and medications?  Or other fundie religion that only sinful people have children with cerebral palsy (wasn’t took long ago this was the ‘belief’) What about diabetes?  Stop giving patients insulin or other BGL lowering medications.

Right now, the Conservative Right Wing Nutjobs are focused on birth control for women, as they still think pregnancy is the punishment women get for having sex.  It’s ok for men to have recreational sex, but women? Oh no, can’t have that. The RWNJs are doing their damnedest to drag the world back into screaming barbarism.

To all you suddenly ‘my moral and religious beliefs’ doctors, you need to be reminded of the Hippocratic Oath, which I am quite sure didn’t have a codicil of “unless I can force my beliefs on the patient”

No one is asking YOU to take birth control/contraceptives. And it’s rather hypocritical of you to deny women birth control as it’s against “God’s Will” (excuse me for this interruption, but doesn’t you own holy writings state that claiming to know the mind of your god is a most egregious sin?)  then so is impotence, so stop giving men prescriptions for Viagra, Cialis or other erectile dysfunction.


No one is asking for your approval.. we are only asking… no, DEMANDING you do your damned job and keep your nose out of OUR reproductive choices.

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The GOP is at it again.

There is a highway funding bill, an infrastructure bill, being debated on. This is so needed, as the roads and bridges in the U.S. are in serious need of repair and maintenance.

What the GOP is trying to do is attach a rider to the bill, something that has zilch to do with fixing roads or bridges.They want to slip in banking deregulations.  SotH Paul Ryan, The House Freedom Caucus (aka The Tea Party) and a well known DINO, Patrick Murphy.

Does anyone really want to go back to how the banks gambled with your money, and when they lost it, YOU had to pay to bail them out again?

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