Guess my hand isn’t ‘all better’ yet

Pulled some weeds this morning, near the mail box.  Used the pitchfork to loosen the deeply rooted ones, pulled them and others out. One wheelbarrow full.

Right hand  is very stiff and sore along the heel of the palm, the thumb, and between the thumb and index finger.

Of course, it could be left over from cutting chicken last night for stirfry.

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There has got to be an equation somewhere

That calculates and correlates why when cleaning out a room or a closet, you make a bigger mess before it starts looking tidy.

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Wonderful.. :/

Because of idiots not using Nurofen Plus, Panadeine or Mersyndol as directed, these over the counter pain medications might go to prescription only. Doctors are pushing for this because of people overusing it.  

If they get their way, the  next time I start to get a migraine, I will have to call the doctor, go in to see him (trying to not vomit all over from the sound, light and motion to get there), suffer through an exam, who knows, get sent out for testing, and then get a prescription, get to the pharmacy (still trying not to hurk all over the place), and then spend at least 3x what it cost OTC and pay a doctor’s office visit fee.

Stop catering to the lowest common denominator! 

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Kerhisting hell.. make up your minds!

1: Dear Software Makers; could you all just get together and decide where to CONSISTENTLY put the INSTALL/DECLINE buttons.

2: Dear Epson; why did you make your downloadable installation file of the drivers and software want you to insert a CD, instead of installing the file from the files extracted from the downloaded one? If I had the disk handy, I wouldn’t have had to DOWNLOAD the the file!

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After much discussion with Alan

and being someone who wants to control her computer and its’ OS, not having the OS control her, I might just tough it out with Windows 8.

Why?  My hosts file is edited/customized, to stop spam and other ads. Also, after installation and activation, there is NO reason for my software to ‘call home’ every time I start it. I prefer to manually check for updates, because updates aren’t always a good thing.  Alan told me that Windows 10 has it rigged that even if you have an edited hosts file, it has a DLL, and if the address you are blocking is in it, guess what? You have no choice, it will call home.

Updates whether you want them or not. Even if you keep your computer off the net, if any of the other home computers are connected peer to peer with yours, it will update that way.

Now, if I did that to someone’s computer, I would be in deep shit, but since this garbage is in Microsofts EULA, that huge fucking file that you have to have business and legal degrees to not fall asleep reading it or to understand it.  How many of us actually read them from stem to stern?

And then there’s Windows Media Center. Yes, I know about PLEX, but I don’t need something that big. It’s only for watching TV on the computer with a USB stick receiver.  There is Media Portal, and it’s not bad.  I can understand them not adding it to their latest and greatest, but disabling the one I had to PAY for because someone at MS managed to ‘lose’ my freebie serial number. 

And I was seriously thinking about upgrading my Win8 laptop, but after that conversation, I am going to put it off for a while longer.

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I posted about Adobe CS5 reading a Canon 5DS file

On my old netbook.  Well,  here you go! This is the finished edited in CS5 jpg, from the CR2 file from the Canon 5DS

Gull On Rock


CS5 Bridge: Note the image in the preview, and the information below the preview.

Adobe CS5 Reading Canon 5DS on Netbook

Edited in CS5.

Canon 5DS Camera Raw Edit

But now, I get “Unknown file format”

bridge error


Even if this was some sort of compu-fluke, it proves that Adobe could easily provide Adobe Camera Raw update for CS5.

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Ok, what kind of happy Adobe Horse$hit is this?

On my old netbook (yes, I still have one) I started up Photoshop CS5/CS5 Bridge.  I opened the folder where I had photos taken in Denmark W.A., using the Canon 5DS, 5D3 and 7D2.

This is where the happy horseshit comes in: the first time I opened bridge, I could view the Canon 5DS RAW files, popped up in Adobe Camera Raw 6.7 to take a look. Space Bar to make them zoom in from bridge. But the second time I got “unknown file format”.  

Oddly enough this wasn’t just a fluke on my netbook. Our host, Greg Edwards, had the same thing happen when using earlier version of Adobe Lightroom running on a Mac.  He viewed them the first time, and then tried to again later only to get “Unknown File Format”. 

No, I didn’t accidentally open a JPG, thinking it was a CR2 file, because I ONLY shoot in RAW.

So, there is something, a poison pill, in Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom, a ‘call home’ feature maybe, that flags what version of their product you’re using that forces you to do one of two things: pay for subscription/upgrade, or double storage space used by converting to DNGs.

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